5 Best WooCommerce Product Addons

5 Best WooCommerce Product Addons

One way to set up your eCommerce store for success is by using WooCommece Product Addons. This is because WooCommerce product addons can help you create personalized product pages for your customers.

But How do I add product addons to WooCommerce?

To clarify, adding product addons to your WooCommerce store requires installing addon plugins. So in this post, we will provide you with the 5 best WooCommerce Addon plugins.


What is a Product Add-on?

A product addon is an extra feature that is added to an eCommerce product page.

A product addon allows website owners to personalize and customize their product pages. They also provide an avenue for the customer to enhance their order.

For example, if you are selling a shoe, you can include addons such as color and sizes. In other words, product addons help enable eCommerce stores to give customers a personalized shopping experience.

Best WooCommerce Product Addons

There are many WooCommerce addons you can integrate to enhance your product page. Below are the best 7 WooCommerce product addon plugins.

Booster  – WooCommerce Product Addons

Booster for WooCommerce plugin

Pricing: $16.99 billed annually.

Booster for WooCommerce is a powerful WooCommerce addon plugin. It is used on more than 100,000 WooCommerce websites.

Booster for WooCommerce comes with a bundle of tools. These tools provide the features you need to set up your WooCommerce store for success. It also comes with more than 140 addons to supercharge your e-commerce store.

Further, Booster for WooCommerce powers you with features that you can use without using code.

With Booster for WooCommerce, you don’t need to install multiple addon plugins on your WooCommerce.

Key Features of Booster for WooCommerce

Multiple Payment Gateways

The Booster addon plugin for WooCommerce comes with support for multiple payment options. This helps to serve your customers with diverse payment options.

Automatic Pricing and Currency Converter

The addon lets you update product prices from one end instead of manually doing it. You can simply enter the percentage change in price. After that, your product prices will be updated automatically.

Custom Subscription

Booster for WooCommerce offers a custom pricing option. This allows you to pay for only tools that you use.

Frequently Bought Together (FBT)

The frequently bought together feature is useful for boosting sales in your store. For instance, when a customer purchases a laptop, you can add a keyboard below the main product.

Wishlist for WooCommerce

A wishlist is a feature that enables customers to create a collection of items to buy later.

The Booster WooCommerce Addon tool comes with the wishlist feature. The Wishlist feature allows customers to save a product to buy it later.

One Page Checkout

The checkout process should not be complicated or boring. A lengthy checkout process with multiple pages can trigger cart abandonment.

The Booster for WooCommerce addon simplifies the checkout process with its one-page checkout.

PH WooCommerce Product Addons

PH WooCommerce Product Addon

Pricing: $49 per month.

PH WooCommerce Product Addon is an addon plugin that allows you to add more options to your product page. The addon offers customization, upgrades and improvements to your product page.

With PH WooCommerce Addons, you can add extra product features. These features include checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields and more.

You can also set custom prices for each addon, which will be added to the base price if selected by the customer.

For example, you can set an express delivery service as an addon.

Further, PH WooCommerce Addon provides you with advanced personalization options. This helps you to customize your product page to match your website’s design.

Key Features of the PH WooCommerce Product Addons

Dropdown Options

This feature allows you to create custom dropdown menus on your product pages. This gives your customers more options when selecting a product.

Time and Date Picker 

This addon allows customers to select a specific date and time for their order. This order comes with a calendar and time picker to select date and time on the product page.

File Upload Support

This addon also allows your customers to upload files on the product page. File types supported include video, images and documents.

This feature enables customers to send their requirements about a product. For example, a customer buying a tee with a custom design can send a sample view of the product using this feature.

Woo Product Add-Ons

Product Add-Ons

Pricing: $59 per year.

Product Add-Ons by WooCommerce is a popular WooCommerce addon with over 100k installations.

The addon plugin allows store owners to create custom gift wrappings with notes. This will allow shoppers to add a personal message to their order.

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons allows you to add custom layouts and dropdowns. You can also add checkboxes and a customized price listing that can be edited.

The addon plugin also allows you to add a percentage fee on variable products or services. This is helpful for service-based stores.

Key Features of the WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

The WooCommerce Product Add-Ons has some unique features. Below are some of its best.

Custom Price

The WooCommerce Product AddOns provides you with a custom price option. This price feature allows you to enable customers to add prices personally. This is useful for stores that accept donations.


Woo Product Add-Ons helps you add options to your products by providing checkboxes. This can be used to add shipping options to your product.

Percentage Fees

Calculating the total fee for a service-based store can be tough. The Woo Product addon allows you to charge shoppers based on the total fee of the product in percentage.

For example, you can set shipping as a percentage of the total price of an item.

Image-based product selection

Pictures are helpful for improving user experience. The Product Addon extension helps you to showcase your product using images.

You can show different variations of your product using clickable images.

WooCommerce Product Options 

WooCommerce Product Options plugin

Pricing: $49 per year.

WooCommerce Extra Product Options is a tool for adding product options and fields. Variable products can entice customers to spend more.

Woo Product Addons provides 14 free and paid extra product fields. It also supports multiple selections.

With Woo Product Addons, you can add a custom fee for each product option. You can also set custom pricing for your products.

Key Features of the Woo Product Addons

Unlimited Product Addons

The addon plugin for WooCommerce comes with all the tools to add extra features to your product page. It comes with a custom form builder. You can use the form builder to add extra product options and features.

Affordable Product Addons

The addon comes with a variety of premium tools at an affordable price. This helps you to personalize your product pages without spending much.

Custom Product Pricing

The price field should not be a static feature. This addon plugin allows you to create custom pricing fields for your products. You can set pricing using a custom formula.

Dependable Addons

WooCommerce Extra Product Option allows you to add extra dependable options. These options will only show up when a specific action is performed.

Paragraph and Header Tag

The plugin allows you to set custom headers and paragraphs on the product page. You can use this feature to add instructions about shipping on the product page.

Upload Support

The plugin allows you to collect files from customers on the product page. This can be used to collect files from customers. The upload feature also supports drag and drop to make file upload easier.

Extra Product Options for WooCommerce

Extra Product Options for WooCommerce plugin

Pricing: Free trial available, then $39 annually for the premium version.

The Extra Product Options is a perfect pack of WooCommerce addons tools. The addon plugin allows you to add 19 custom fields to your product page.

Extra Options Addon is suitable for use by both small and large eCommerce stores.

The addon plugin comes with useful tools, such as the display rules. This feature enables you to hide or display some sections on the product page. Additionally, you can use CSS to further enhance the display.

Extra Product Options allows you to modify the cart page, checkout page and order page. It also allows you to change the cart buttons.

The Extra Product Options addon plugin is versatile.

It works with different WordPress themes. They include themes like Astra, WoodMart, Divi, OceanWP, Storefront, Avada, and Hestia.

Key Features of Extra Product Options for WooCommerce

WPML Compatible

This addon tool allows you to translate your product page to other languages.

Advanced Display Rules

This addon comes with display customization options to enhance your product page. You can customize the fields and buttons and the layout.

Multiple Pricing Methods

The plugin provides several pricing methods for your products, a fixed amount and custom pricing (for donations). They also provide percentage pricing, formula pricing and dynamic pricing.

Conclusion – WooCommerce Product Addon

WooCommerce offers powerful customization tools, but they may not meet all eCommerce needs. So to solve this, you can install addons to tailor your store to specific business needs.

To sum up, WooCommerce product addons can enhance your store, boost sales, and reduce cart abandonment.

To help you supercharge your eCommerce for success, we have listed the top 5 WooCommerce addons. It is important to check each addon and choose the one that best fits your product needs.

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