9 Best WordPress Single Product Themes

9 Best WordPress Single Product Themes

In today’s competitive digital commerce landscape, presenting your product in a way that appeals to potential customers is important for your success. One way to do this is by using a WordPress Single Product Theme

A single product eCommerce theme is used in WordPress commerce to showcase one item, its features, success and reviews.

If you are new to WordPress or trying to find the best single product theme, this post offers the top 9 WordPress themes to choose from.


Jevelin – WordPress Single Product Theme

Jevelin Theme - WordPress Single Product Theme

Pricing: $59

Jevelin is a single product WooCommerce theme with high customization options. It is also a popular choice for creating single-product websites.

Jevelin theme offers features for product showcases with excellent graphics.

The theme is a good choice for creating a landing page to display detailed product information. It also offers a review showcase widget to display your customer’s reviews.

With Jevelin, you can display different product variations on the same page without altering the page layout. This, certainly, is helpful for products with different price ranges based on colors and sizes.

Jevelin is particularly well-suited for businesses looking to create a unique single product website, whether it’s a high-end gadget or a unique item.

Pros of Jevelin

Drag-and-Drop Builder

Jevelin comes with an inbuilt page builder. The page builder allows users to create custom layouts easily. This is helpful if you have little or no coding skills.

Pre-built Templates

The theme has a wide range of well-designed templates. These can be used to create websites for different niches.

The templates are also powered with the appropriate layout for a single product display. This gives users a  solid foundation to build on.

Mobile Responsiveness

According to Statscounter, mobile traffic accounts for about 55% of website visits.

Therefore, Jevelin is built with a mobile-first approach. This ensures that websites with this theme look and function flawlessly on all mobile devices.

SEO Optimization

The theme is optimized for search engines. This helps to improve the visibility of your store in search results. This is also crucial for driving organic traffic to the single product page.

WooCommerce Integration

Jevelin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, one of WordPress’s most popular e-commerce platforms. This, in turn, ensures a smooth and secure shopping experience for visitors.

Cons of Jevelin

Response for support is often slow and may take up to 24 hours.

Divi – WordPress Single Product Theme

Divi Theme

Pricing: $89 per year.

Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme and one of the best-selling themes on Themeforest.

It is a popular WordPress theme used to build different types of pages on WordPress.

However, it also supports building single product pages with custom features.

Divi features various customization options for integrating with the WooCommerce plugin.

It provides features such as templates kit, slider revolution support and unique demo content to promote your product. Divi also has over 35 Woo Layouts, 165 Woo Sections and about 85 eCommerce-style modules.

The Divi single product theme is suitable for building single product pages that require high customization. You can use Divi to build product pages for items like cars and food.

Pros of Divi

A Visual Page Builder

Unlike other themes, Divi enables you to build your single product page from scratch. It provides a superior visual composer in place of the default WordPress editor. This makes it suitable for both professionals and newbies.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

When building your pages with Divi, you can easily drag and drop items. This removes all complications and saves you time. It also makes it easier for you to create pages without any backend operation.

Real-Time Editor

Divi allows you to view the effects of your page editing in real time. That helps you see your customizations’ results without clicking the preview or publish buttons.

Custom CSS Control

Developers can customize their pages with custom CSS. The theme allows you to insert custom CSS codes to enhance your page further.

Filters and Effects

You can improve the appearance of your page elements using the built-in filter tool. The tool allows you to change elements such as hue, saturation, contrast, sepia, blur and opacity.

Cons of Divi

The theme is not exclusively made for creating single pages. Therefore, complete newbies may have a hard time creating single product stores.

Webify – WordPress Single Product Theme

Webify WordPress Theme -WordPress Single Product Theme

Pricing: $59.

Webify is the perfect WordPress single product WoocCommerce theme for building single product pages with responsive design.

It is an Elementor WooCommerce theme that provides options for users to create single product pages that are highly responsive on both mobile and desktop.

In addition, Webify has many customization options that allow you to create a unique single product page.

The theme comes with hundreds of fonts, diverse styles and colors. You can build your own page from scratch using Webify. You can also use its prebuilt templates to create your single product page.

Webify is suitable for building portfolio websites. It is also good for building an online product showcase page.

Pros of Webify

Fast and Efficient Customer Support

Customer service is important for Webify. This is evident in their prompt response to issues when they happen. They provide 24/7 customer support for their theme users.

Highly Responsive

Webify is a highly responsive theme optimized to work on both desktops, mobile and tablets.

Customization Options

Webify has many features that allow you to modify different theme elements. You can change the layout, colors, style and fonts from the theme’s backend.

Webify also supports shortcodes. This makes it easier to create pages and build layouts.

Cons of Webify

The theme does not have an official documentation. This makes usage hard for newbies.

Bookie – WordPress Single Product Theme

Bookie WordPress Theme

Pricing: $37 per year.

Bookie is a simple niche WooCommerce theme that is used to display single products on WordPress. It is a popular WordPress theme from TokoPress with 681 purchases.

Bookie is helpful for those who want to build a single-page website for their book-related events.

It is fully compatible with WordPress 5.0 + and WooCommerce 3.3 +.

Further, the Bookie single product has a wide range of customization options. It supports customs background and all basic WordPress features.

Pros of Bookie


Bookie supports customization of the fonts, styles and layout from the backend. It also supports child theme integration.

You can also use different post formats. These post formats include text, images, audio and video.


Bookie can be integrated with eCommerce tools such as WooCommerce.

Cons of Bookie

The theme has compatibility issues with PHP 8+. Therefore, website users with PHP 8+ installed may face some issues.

Strollik – WordPress Single Product Theme

Strollik - Single Product WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Pricing: $52 per year.

Strollik is a popular landing page WordPress theme with dedicated features for building single page stores. It works well with WooCommerce platforms and features a mega menu and slider revolution to create the perfect single product store.

Strollik offers unique features such as multiple layouts and 1 click import of pre-built demos and layouts. The plugin also has different fonts and colors to help you create the perfect page design.

Additionally, Strollik supports shortcodes and a drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to create pages without coding knowledge.

Strollik is suitable for creating single product pages for Coffee Make, Goral smartwatch, energy drinks, smart glasses and organic food.

Pros of Strollik

360 Degree Product View

The 360-degree view is probably the best feature offered by this plugin. The 360-degree view lets your customer get a full view of the product from all angles.

Highly Responsive

Strollik is built to work on both mobile and desktop. The theme is fully optimized to work fast and effectively on any device.

Good for SEO

The Strollik single product theme is good for customers who want to build their audience through SEO.

The plugin is fast and supports texts, images and animations. The theme works with fast loading speed on both mobile and desktop. This helps improve user satisfaction and also boosts SEO.

Ease of Customisations

You can customize Strollik theme functions on your WordPress. This will allow you to add additional features not available on the theme.

You can also customize your site layout, homepage designs, color, style and font.

Additionally, you can customize the placement of elements such as headers and footers.

Cons Of Strolik

You have to use it together with Elementor. So, if you are not familiar with Elementor, you may have issues using the plugin.

Astra – WordPress Single Product Theme

Astra theme - WordPress Single Product Theme

Pricing: $47 to $147 per year.

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress commercial themes with 1m+ installations on WordPress.

Astra theme is a multipurpose theme that offers add-on features for users to create single product pages with modern design.

The Astra single product feature requires installing the Astra theme alongside the Astra Pro Addon. You also need to install and activate the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

Further, Astra’s single product feature allows you to set the color and typography for your pages.

The theme also offers 4 different container layouts that you can use to create single product landing pages.

In addition, Astra comes with text, images, and video templates. You can also display reviews at the bottom of the page. This theme is best fitted for creating single product pages for clothing businesses.

Pros of Astra

Lightweight theme

The Astra theme is just 50kb on the website frontend. This makes it a faster alternative when compared to other options.

Built for SEO

The theme comes prebuilt with Schema.org support and Native AMP. This helps your page to rank high on Google effortlessly.

Wide Integration Options

Astra can be integrated with page builders such as Elementor, Divi and Visual Composer. The theme also works seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin.

Cons of Astra

Astra is not beginner-friendly. Additionally, support is prolonged on weekends.

Drone – WordPress Single Product Theme

Drone theme

Pricing: $16.50 per month.

Drone is a powerful WordPress single product theme that comes with 3 prebuilt demos you can use for your single product page. The theme is designed to be responsive on both mobile and desktop devices.

The Drone single product theme supports WordPress 5+ and can be used with WooCommerce 3.5+.

It is integrated with redux to give users access to hundreds of colors and fonts.

The theme is also integrated with awesome font icons. It also has Google web fonts to help you showcase your product with the perfect typography.

Pros of Drone

Responsiveness and Crossbrowser Compatibility

The Drone single-page theme is fully built for both mobile and desktop experience. This means users on different platforms will not experience challenges accessing your store.

Easy Configurations

Drone comes with 3 pre-built web templates you can edit and use for your website. You can also configure the prebuilt pages based on your needs. It also comes with various Envator elements.

Wide variety of fonts

Drone comes with prebuilt Google web fonts and Font Awesome. You can use these fonts to create great typography.

Cons of Drone

The drone single page theme comes with only 3 web templates. It also lacks robust customization options.

Shopscape – WordPress Single Product Theme

Shopscape theme

Pricing: $69 per year.

Shopscape is a powerful WordPress theme that is purposely built to create single product landing pages, stores and shops. The Shopscape theme is easy to install on WooCommerce and is retina-ready.

Shopscape offers features such as custom widgets, page transitions, unique typography, a contact form and a quote calculator. The theme also comes with a light and simple page builder.

Shopscace is a full theme that works on all devices, whether mobile or desktop.

Shopscape empowers you with all the features you need from the admin panel to create the perfect single product store, regardless of your niche.

Pros of Shopscape – WordPress Single Product Theme

Fully Built for Single Page Store

Unlike other multipurpose themes, Shopscape single product theme is built for creating single product stores. It comes prebuilt with all the features needed to create a perfect store.

WooCommerce Integration

Shopscape is compatible with WooCommerce. It is a good option for people whose eCommerce site is powered by WooCommerce. The theme also comes with an online shop template you can edit.

Translation Ready

The theme has a default translation feature that allows easy text translation to another language.

Supports Native WordPress Customisation

You can access the core settings of the theme from your WordPress backend. This makes it easier for you to make changes.

Supports Google Fonts

The theme comes prebuilt with over 500 Google fonts.

Cons of Shopscape

You cannot use the theme if the Elementor page builder is installed on your WordPress website.

CartFlows – WordPress Single Product Theme

CartFlows Theme

Pricing: The plan starts at $79 per year.

Implementing a single product page and streamlining product details and checkout on one page can help boost your eCommerce sales. For this reason, the CartFlows theme provides an all-in-one solution for eCommerce owners to create a one-page checkout.

Cartflows speed up purchase decisions by providing every piece of information on a single page without customers needing to open a new tab.

Additionally, Cartflows allows you to add discounts and offers on your product page. This can help trigger the customer to make the purchase decision.

Cartflows also integrate features that allow you to collect emails from users when they try to abandon the cart. This can help you to reach out to the customers later and recover abandoned carts.

Cartflows are optimized to work on different types of devices, both mobile and desktop.

Cartflows comes with different checkout templates you can implement on your website.

It is also designed as an alternative to the default WooCommerce checkouts.

The Cartflows WooCommerce theme is suitable for eCommerce businesses, course creators, events, eBook stores and consultancy agencies.

Pros of CartFlows – WordPress Single Product Theme

A/B Split Testing Support

Cartflows comes with the A/B testing feature that allows you to try different variations of your pages and designs.

This eliminates guesswork and arms you with an accurate metric to measure what your customers love. So, you must enable A/B testing and create different page variations to use this feature.

Diverse Conversion Templates

Cartflows provides you with different conversion templates to optimize your conversion. You can use these templates to create checkout pages with no coding required.

Checkout Editor

The checkout editor helps you customize your checkout process according to your customer needs. You can edit your checkout page to add additional offers and promos.

The checkout editor also enables you to create simple checkout pages to reduce cart abandonment.

Cons of CartFlows

Cartflows single product theme has limited customization options compared to other themes. It does not offer as many design elements or layout options for users.


What is the best one page theme for WordPress?

The best WordPress one page theme can vary depending on needs and preferences. However, some popular and responsive themes include Divi, Shopscape, CartFlow and Jevelin.

Do people still buy WordPress themes?

Yes, people still buy WordPress themes. Although many free themes are available, premium themes offer additional features, customization options, and support.

Premium themes can provide a more professional and unique look for websites. This makes them a popular choice for businesses who want to create a distinct online presence.

Can you change the theme for only one page in WordPress?

By default, WordPress applies the same theme to all website pages. However, you can change the theme for only one page in WordPress by using a child theme or custom coding.

Alternatively, you can use a page builder plugin to override the theme’s styling for individual pages.

Conclusion – WordPress Single Product Theme

Creating single product pages for your website helps boost sales and reduce cart abandonment. This is because customers can view all information about your product on the same page. They can also make purchases on a single page.

In this post, we have listed the 9 best single product WordPress themes you can install to help you create single product pages for your product.

The themes listed in this post will help you create the perfect single product page for your online business.

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