What to Do When You Can’t Delete a WordPress Plugin

FixRunner.com explains what to do when you cannot delete a WordPress plugin.

What’s the problem?

  1. You cannot delete a WordPress plugin in your WordPress admin panel.
  2. You have tried to delete the directory via FTP but the plugin still appears.


Steps to take when you cannot delete a WordPress plugin

If you have not tried deleting the plugin using FTP, then that’s the first step to take. If you have, then you would have to resolve this by accessing your server with an SSH client and deleting the affected folder and files.

Step 1

Login your WordPress site via SSH. If you do not have an SSH client, a good one to use is Bitvise SSH Client by Putty. You can also get your SSH access details from your host provider.

Step 2

Use SSH commands to nagivate to  “./wp-content/plugins/”

Step 3

Use ls -al to reveal the complete list of folders

Step 4

Delete the plugin folder with rm (Folder Name)

Step 5

Log out and log in again to ensure that the plugin is no longer visible.
These steps should help you remove stubborn WordPress plugins from your site. You may however know other ways to do this. If yes, please share them with us and our readership.