How to Add Paragraphs to Your Content with WordPress

Do you want to know how to add paragraphs and indents in WordPress? The text formatting option from your WordPress toolbar helps you to add paragraphs and indents to your posts with ease. Watch this video to learn how!

How to add paragraphs and indents in WordPress

If you prefer to read the steps, here’s how to add paragraphs and indents in WordPress.

Open the post you want to work with in your Visual Editor (ensure the visual editor is selected, and not text).

Next, type in the text you want to make paragraph. If you are typing in the text, note that it is already most likely structured as paragraph. Either way, to ensure a particular text is paragraphed, select the text.

Click on the text formatting dropdown (top-left item under Add Media), and select Paragraph.

The selected text will now be paragraphed.

WordPress tip

Did you know that content which is attractively laid out with paragraphs, bullet points and indents performs better at capturing the reader’s attention or converting leads than just text? Make your WordPress content as appealing as possible to your visitors by using the Visual Editor in the text editor to expose all of your editing options for adding paragraphs and make your content pop!