Top 5 WordPress Backup Plugins 2014

Top 5 WordPress Backup Plugins

Backing up your WordPress blog or website is essential to protect your content. Check out our guide on the top 5 WordPress backup plugins for 2014 that help make the task more manageable.

Taking the time to compare WordPress Backup plugins is well worth it. Imagine that you update the version of WordPress on your blog or website, only to discover that a glitch or bug has wiped out your content? It is better to be safe than sorry – read our guide to see 5 of the best Backup Plugins and take your pick so that you never need to lose content.

Our pick of the 5 best WordPress backup plugins




  • Has FTP backup options
  • Can backup themes, plugins, uploads, and more
  • Options to integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive or any other cloud storage service
  • Is free
  • Easy to use
  • Enables scheduling of multiple backups
  • Choices of locations for backups (folder, FTP, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, Dropbox, email).


  • No support offered – if a user has a problem, they need to reach out to one of the forums
  • No warranty


             WP-DB Manager


  • Emails a daily backup
  • Option for automatic repair
  • May improve the speed of your WordPress website
  • Optimizes database
  • Is free


  • Can be a little confusing to use at the start
  • Not a “basic” plugin
  • Will not work without server access
  • Be prepared to configure various settings and navigate around the plugin before getting to use it.


           Blog Vault


  • Is well supported with quick response times to queries and problems
  • Is easy to use
  • Although it is not free, it is still affordable
  • Allows for backing of individual files
  • Has easy blog migration


  • It is a purely web based service, which is not to everyone’s taste
  • Is not free – costs $9 a month for a single site or $39 a month for up to 7 sites.




  • One of the most used backup plugin on
  • Super simple to use
  • Is free
  • Options to store backups locally on the computer or on Google Drive
  • Lets you select precisely what you want to backup
  • Email notification system that lets you know when there’s an issue
  • Has a scheduling system for backups


  • Suffers from bugs from time to time
  • Limited alternative options for backup locations
  • No integration with Amazon S3 or Dropbox for backup storage
  • No options for Dropbox or Amazon S3 for backup storage


        WP-DB Backup


  • Compatible with most hosting services
  • Very easy to set up
  • Is free
  • Script is simple and low on space and memory usage


  • Will only back up your WordPress database, not the whole site
  • No support or forums
  • Often has problems with backing up larger databases
  • No location options for where backups will be stores
  • Old plugin

FixRunner’s Special Pick

Honorable mention should go to…


This is officially our pick among the best WordPress Backup Plugins. We really like the ease with which this plugin will back up your whole site including your files and database. It very simple to use and has a bunch of cool features, including:

  • Capacity to email you file backups
  • Allows you to manage multiple schedules
  • Great in low-memory situations, for example, if you share a host
  • Good with Windows and Linux
  • No setup – plug and play!

And that’s our list of the top WordPress backup plugins. We would also highly recommend you read this post that shows you how to set up automatic backups on your site. For the best WordPress Plugins that are up to date, you can check our newest review and guide and see which one is the best for your website. Let us know which one are you using for your website?