How to Trash a Page in WordPress

Do you need to know how to trash a page in WordPress? Sometimes you need to quickly remove some content. The Trash button lets you do just that with pages in your WordPress website. Watch the video to learn how to trash a page in WordPress.

What happens when you trash a page in WordPress

When you trash a page in WordPress, the page is not immediately deleted but is moved to a virtual trash can. If you want to recover the page or delete it permanently, you can go into the trash folder and do this.

To access the trash folder, go to Pages > All Pages. If you have pages in trash, a link to the trash folder will be displayed at the top of the page. Click on this link to view your trash folder.

Trash a page in WordPress

To restore a page, click Restore. Your page would be moved back to the place it was deleted from, whether “Published” or “Drafts”.

If you want to permanently delete a page, click Delete Permanently.

Note that to be able to delete or restore a page that was moved to trash, you need the proper authorization level. This can be either administrator, or editor level. If you are unable to perform the actions described above, contact your WordPress admin for the needed authorization level.

WordPress Fact

Did you know that each of the types of content -posts, pages, media and images– have their own separate Trash folders? This is important to know should you ever need to retrieve any item that has been deleted accidentally. Be sure to visit the relevant Trash folder within 30 days of the deletion – after 30 days, the items will be permanently deleted and gone forever, so hurry!

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