How to Navigate Your WordPress Media Library

Your WordPress Media Library is the nerve center for all of the videos, graphics and more of your site. Get to know how this powerful feature works by watching out video tutorial.

How to navigate your WordPress Media Library

If you would prefer to read the steps, here is how to use your WordPress Media Library.

In your dashboard, go to Media > Library. You would be able to see all the media that has been uploaded to your site. Files you can upload to your site include:

  • Documents, such as PDF files.
  • Images
  • Video files
  • Audio files

All media previously uploaded and used for posts and pages can be seen in your WordPress Media Library, and can be reused for other posts and pages.

Using the options at the top of the library, you can switch between list and grid view, select the kind of files to show, and filter files by date.

When you click on a file, a details page is opened for that file where you can makes changes to the file details, as well as delete the file by clicking Delete Permanently on the bottom right. From here, you can also use the arrows on the top right to scroll through the files in your WordPress Media Library.

Also, if you want to delete a number of files, go back to the grid view, click Bulk Select, tick the items, and click Delete Selected.

Fact about WordPress Media Library

The Media Library really is a full-media suite. You can add graphs, visuals, product lists, external reports, sound files, news reports…the list is endless!