What is WordPress?

What is WordPress

What is WordPress? WordPress began as a blogging platform, but today it is now the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) and it powers some 19.5 million websites and over 70 million blogs and counting. 1 in 5 of all websites on the internet use WordPress! WordPress is part of what is known as “open-source” software – it is free to use and access, which explains its unstoppable popularity and success.

What is a CMS?

If you are interested in the question “what is WordPress”, then you want to start at understanding what a CMS is.

A CMS is a platform that lets you build a website. It takes all of your content –images, videos, text and features- and weaves this together into a website. Without a CMS, each time you need to add a video, picture, or blog post to your site, you would need to get a programmer to edit your code.

What is WordPress doing right? Why is it so appealing?

WordPress lets you build a website from scratch, without knowing a bunch of programming languages such as CSS and HTML. This means that anyone can use WordPress to power there website even if they don’t know a single bit of code. The accessibility of WordPress is empowering tens of thousands of new users a day, as they discover just how powerful the WordPress platform can be.

How WordPress differs from “make your own website” programs

WordPress isn’t just a program to create a cardboard-cut-out website. It is a fully dynamic CMS that can be customized and made completely unique, through the use of plugins, themes and dozens of new components. This means that no two WordPress websites need to look the same. Did you know that BBC America, Forbes Blog and TechCrunch are all powered by WordPress? This goes to show how many variations WordPress provides as those sites look nothing alike and have very different functions. The world of WordPress developing is thriving and some of the most exciting examples of web development are advancing thanks to the inspiration from WordPress!

User-friendly and easy to learn

WordPress is extremely user-friendly. It has an intuitive design and is clear to navigate. You can make changes and edits on one of your posts or pages in text and preview it before it goes live, just to make sure the words appear as you want them to. Website creation is no longer just for programmers or I.T geeks – WordPress makes websites for all!

What is WordPress?

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