Best 5 WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugins

wordpress maintenance mode plugin

When making edits or updates to your WordPress sites, you may need to put your site in maintenance mode with the help of a plugin to ensure your user experience is not ruined. When your site is in maintenance mode for WordPress, instead of seeing the site, users see a page telling them your site is under maintenance and will be up soon.

In other cases, your site may still be in development and you may decide to put up a coming soon page to signify that you are launching soon.

WordPress has a default maintenance page. The problem is, it is not pleasant looking. Thus, it’s best to use a maintenance mode plugin. After activating the plugin, you can create a coming soon page, a launch page, a maintenance page, etc. Even more, you can capture leads with maintenance plugins while still working on your website.

In this article, we will be examining what maintenance mode plugins are. We will also consider some of the best plugins for putting your website in maintenance or coming soon mode.

In this article:

What’s a WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin?

Wordpress Maintenance Mode Plugin

This is typically how a maintenance mode page looks like. In the example above, illustrations were used to create a delightful page. In other instances, plain pictures, videos or a countdown page are used in place of illustrations.

What maintenance mode plugins do is place your site in maintenance or coming soon mode and then enable you to create visually appealing pages. Some have drag and drop feature that makes constructing a coming soon/maintenance page easy, others simply give you beautiful templates to choose from.

When Do You Need a WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin?

If you are just looking to make minor tweaks, a WordPress in maintenance mode page may not be necessary. But if you are making drastic changes like changing your website theme, maintenance mode is required.

Other occasions that might prompt the use of a WordPress maintenance mode plugin include:

  • Changing crucial plugins
  • Switching between WordPress hosts
  • Launching a new product
  • Launching a new website and at the same time telling the world about it

Why Do You Need a Maintenance/Coming Soon Mode Plugin?

To maintain your website’s SEO and user experience

If you take your website down for maintenance while leaving it in maintenance mode, your website will still appear in search results.  When users click to your website, they get a clear maintenance mode messaging, that the site is under maintenance and can come back later. On the other hand, if they see that the website has errors, it would discourage users.

For building your subscriber list

It’s important to set up a coming soon page while building out your website. Some maintenance mode plugins allow you to set up a subscriber list while your website isn’t live yet.

With that said, let’s consider some of the best plugins

5 Best WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin

1. Under Construction

under construction plugin

Price: Basic free. Pro version starting at $69

As the name rightly suggests, Under Construction is an intuitive plugin used for constructing a coming soon or maintenance mode page.

This plugin comes with pre-designed templates. That means if your design skills aren’t particularly good you can still create really nice pages.

In addition, the WordPress plugin has an automated feature that lets you automatically turn off the maintenance mode. Even more, you can add custom CSS, upload a logo, add website description, and subscription forms for collecting emails from visitors.

2. WP Maintenance Mode

wp maintenance mode

Price: Free

WP Maintenance Mode plugin makes it easy to add a maintenance page to your WordPress website or blog on the fly. The plugin is so robust that it takes care of every possible issue that might arise while your site is offline.

Features of WP Maintenance Mode:

  • Allows you, as the website owner, to determine who gains access to your site while in maintenance mode.
  • A contact form for collecting emails
  • Compatible with any WordPress themes and plugins
  • Complies with GDPR regulations
  • Super responsive across all mobile devices
  • Comes with a countdown timer feature
  • Allows you to view your website while still under construction and hidden from the public.

3. SeedProd


Talking about stock photos for creating a maintenance mode messaging, SeedProd has lots of it – 500,000 to be precise. That means you can never run out of options.

In addition to large stock photos database, SeedProd also has the following features:

  • Compatible with major email contact form automation software like MailChimp and Aweber
  • Has social media icons
  • Logo placement support
  • Customizable
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Supports SEO
  • Fully Responsive

This WordPress Maintenance Mode plugin comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. So if you use it and don’t like it, you can always get your money back.

4. Maintenance

maintenance plugin by fruitfulcode

Price: Free for basic version, $25 for pro version.

Developed and managed by Fruitfulcode, Maintenance is an easy to use plugin and comes with lots of features. One of the coolest feature of this plugin is that it comes in multiple languages. Notable languages are Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and lots more.

It can be integrated with Google Analytics, so you can keep track of your SEO while working on your website.

Features in free version

  • Blurred background effect
  • Allows you upload a logo
  • Customizable buttons
  • Show and hide certain pages in maintenance mode

Features in the pro version

  • Customizable countdown timer
  • Background video
  • Email subscription form
  • Social media integration
  • User permission – you get to decide who gains access to your website

5. Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

cooming soon and maintenance mode plugin

Price: Free for the basic version. Pro version starting at $14

As the name suggests, this plugin blends coming soon and maintenance mode functionality into one. So that means whether you are looking to put your WordPress website into coming soon or maintenance mode the plugin will serve well.

Features in the free version:

  • Easy customization and simple maintenance
  • SEO friendly
  • Gives you control over IP addresses visiting your site
  • Room for logo upload
  • Customizable background
  • Support, though limited

Features in the Pro version:

  • Background slider effect
  • Animation features
  • Super customizable countdown timer
  • Subscriber form
  • Ability to set logo at the desired position
  • Progress bar
  • 31 different fonts to choose from


So there you have it; 5 plugins for putting your website in maintenance or coming soon mode. Of course there are still so many more maintenance plugins out there, but the ones here are enough to get the job done.

Now, if you are unsure which to go for, consider your needs. Most of these plugins have free versions, and with their free version, surely you can create something nice.  If you are low on budget but want something that has almost everything, go for WP Maintenance mode.

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