How to Use WordPress?

How to Use WordPress

WordPress is so popular because it is so dynamic and easy to use. It can help you put words, pictures and videos on your WordPress site. You can also install themes and plugins that add more functionality to your site, such as elements for e-commerce, blogs, forums, and other internet features. This guide will show you how to use WordPress.

5 Steps To Use WordPress

1. Get a Web Hosting Account

In order to use WordPress, you need a web hosting account. This is basically space on a server that stores all of the files for your website. recommends HostGator (which we use to host FixRunner), Bluehost, and Inmotion Hosting. If you sign up with one of these hosts via, you can benefit from our free help for the next stage.

2. Install WordPress into Your Hosting Account

With your hosting account purchased, you need to install WordPress into your hosting account so that all of the awesome content you want to produce can be stored there and linked to your domain name. can offer you a free website setup service where we will install WordPress for you onto your host’s server.

3. Start Creating Your Posts and Pages

With WordPress installed, you can start to create content! Our free WordPress video tutorials will help you grasp the basics quickly so that you can have your website featuring your content and images within a matter of hours.

4. Customize Your Site

When you’ve become a WordPress wizard, you might like to look at ways to make your site stand more. If you plan to use WordPress for professional blogging or business, this step is very important. offers custom development and custom design services to help you professionally create the perfect WordPress website.

5. Come to Us with Any Problems

If you encounter any issues as you use WordPress, we are here to help. No problem is too big or too small – we offer One-Time Support for a one-time problem or monthly subscription packages for ongoing maintenance and support. is here to support you through your WordPress journey, all the way from zero to hero. Feel free to browse through our site to see how we can help you with our services – we have plenty of free features for you to try out and get you started!

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