How to Install WordPress onto a Bluehost Account

How to install WordPress

Learn how to Install WordPress onto a Bluehost account. Our guide gives you step-by step instructions on how to complete it within minutes.

In order to use  WordPress onto a Bluehost hosting account, you need to physically install WordPress onto a  Bluehost account.

Conceptually, it is rather like installing a program onto your computer but instead of using a program, it is WordPress and instead of being your home computer or laptop that receives and stores WordPress, it is going to be installed onto the servers at Bluehost’s headquarters.

How to install WordPress in 12 easy steps:

Step 1

Go to and navigate to the top right hand side of the screen.

Step 2

Click on Control Panel (cPanel) login and enter your domain name and password.

Step 3

When you enter your account, navigate to SimpleScripts and double- click on this. This is a 1-click installer tool manages the installation of many tools, including WordPress.

Step 4

One you have entered SimpleScripts, click scroll down to the Blogs category and double-click on WordPress.

Step 5

Click on the green Install button. You will then be asked a few questions, including where you want to install WordPress. If you have a domain name, select the corresponding option to have WordPress installed to your domain.

Step 6

Read and accept the Terms and Agreements.

Step 7

Click on Complete. The installation process will now take place in a couple of seconds.

Step 8

Once WordPress is installed you will be presented with some important information that you will need to remember, including the site URL. If you click on this, you will be taken to the actual website that you have just made.

Step 9

Underneath the site URL is the login URL. This is the login you will need to use in order to start making changes to the site.

Step 10

Underneath the login URL are the username and password details. These are things that you will need to write down somewhere. Note that the password is initially automatically generated for you. This will be very secure but you can change it to something easier to remember if you wish.

Step 11

When you have made a note of the login details that you need, click onto login URL and enter your username and password for WordPress website. Click login.

Step 12

You are now into your WordPress dashboard and can go ahead and make changes to your website!


This guide has shown you how to install WordPress. Hopefully, by now you have a working WordPress Website. The next steps would be learning how to make your website unique and fully functional using themes and plugins.