How To Fix Common WordPress Errors, Problems & Issues

common wordpress errors


WordPress is the best and the most popular Content Management System in the world, and there is no denying that. It runs around 30% of all websites that are currently online. Because it has so many users, finding help is straightforward. Although many WordPress Errors or problems seem scary especially when first encountered, solutions are usually just a couple of steps away.

In this post, we will talk about some of the most common WordPress issues, telling you what causes them, and how you should try to fix them, linking you to our articles that are dedicated to solving those problems.

This post should serve as the troubleshooting hub you are going to come back to every time you run into issues with your site. Make sure to check it out from time to time – we are going to update it with new issues every once in a while.


Most Common WordPress Errors:

  1. Image upload issues
  2. 404 Error
  3. Allowed memory size exhausted WordPress fatal error
  4. Maximum execution time exceeded error
  5. Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance
  6. WordPress Syntax Error
  7. Error establishing a database connection
  8. 500 internal server eror
  9. WordPress Not sending emails
  10. Blank Admin Panel
  11. Cannot log in to admin
  12. Email notification issues in WooCommerce

Don’t gamble!

Having backups running on your site is extremely important. In fact, restoring your site to a previously created backup is the easiest way of solving most issues.

But, even if that doesn’t help, make sure you create a backup before you start fixing problems. That way, you will have an easy solution if you mess up your site even further. But, even if that happens, you can always call the pros. FixRunner will fix any issues of your website, making it run faster than ever before.

Download an FTP

Most of the errors on our list have similar fixes, and often times you will either need to do something via FTP. To do that, you will first need to learn how to use an FTP app, like FileZilla.

Also, many of the fixes require you to either disable your theme, or plugins through FTP, and we recommend you to learn how that is done, as you will need to do it sooner or later.

Common WordPress Problems

How to Fix Image Upload Issues in WordPress

1. Image upload issues

The main problem regarding image upload issues in WordPress is that all sorts of different things can cause this error. For that reason, you will need to try different fixes before finding what works for you.

Fortunately, most of the solutions are quite easy to implement, and we have done a separate article on this topic that will explain to you how to fix image upload issues.

how to fix wordpress error 404 page not found

2. 404 Error “Page Not Found”

This one you can find all over the internet and WordPress is not immune to the 404 error. If you want to keep the visitors coming back to your site you need to remove 404 errors from it as they are incredibly annoying and people will rage quit your site if they see one on it. In other words, the 404 error will increase the bounce rate of your website, which is something you definitely don’t need.

The browser will display a 404 when it isn’t able to find what you are looking for. Usually, broken links cause this issue. Read how to fix the 404 error in this article.

fix fatal error wordpress memory limit exhausted increase php memory

3. Allowed memory size exhausted WordPress fatal error

When this “fatal” error happens, your site usually greets you with a blank page. If this happens, it can scare you quite a bit. Fortunately, it is quite common, and the solution is just a few steps away.

This error indicates that the maximum memory allowed by your PHP script is exhausted. To tackle the problem, you will need to increase the amount of allowed memory for your site. We have dedicated a whole article to this common problem, that will guide you through the needed steps you have to take in order to get rid of fatal error allowed memory size exhausted increase php memory issue.

How to Fix Fatal Error: Maximum Execution Time Exceeded in WordPress

4. Maximum execution time exceeded error

This is a “time-out” error, and it will show if it took a process to load longer than allowed by the default time in a PHP script. It usually follows changes you make on your website such as changing themes or installing or updating plugins. If it takes too long, the server will block the process, showing the “maximum execution time exceeded” error.

Usually, this is caused either by a bad plugin/theme or by slow hosting, primarily if you use shared. So make sure you select a quality hosting provider. And if the error persists, here is how to fix maximum execution time exceeded in WordPress.

briefly unavailable for scheduled Maintenance

5. Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance

You will see “briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance” when you perform updates on your website, whether themes, plugins, or WordPress itself. Most of the time your site goes back to normal after a successful update.

But, things don’t always go as planned, and the “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance” decides to stay over your website. If that happened, don’t worry, it’s an easy fix. You just need to follow the steps from our article dedicated to this WordPress issue. However, if that is not a case and you are interested in website maintenance, you can always check our WordPress Maintenance Service.

Syntax Err

6. WordPress Syntax Error

While looking online for code snippets in order to solve problems or customize your site seems like a good idea, not knowing what you copy/paste can break your whole website. One wrong line of code and your site will welcome you with a WordPress Syntax Error.

Now you learned your lesson! But no need to panic, you can fix it by copy/pasting even more code and following online guides. We have one such article, and we recommend you checking it if you want to learn how to fix WordPress Syntax Error.

error establishing a database connection

7. Error establishing a database connection

Another widespread issue you will have to deal with sooner or later is  “Error establishing a database connection.” Unfortunately, this error can also be called with a bunch of different things. And because you can’t say for sure what causes it, it comes to trials and errors.

Maybe it is because of the wrong login credentials, maybe the whole database is corrupted, or maybe there is an error somewhere on your server.

Anyway, the best thing you can do is to read our article that will tell you more about how can you fix the Error establishing a database connection WordPress issue.

500 internal

8. 500 internal server

500 Internal server error happens all the time, and for that reason, it is very frustrating. This is not a WordPress – specific error, and it can happen on any website, for a number of different reasons.

The problem with it is that WordPress displays no information besides the error number, and you don’t know where to start the fix. But, from our experience, it usually has something to do with plugins and themes. Still, it can also be caused by corrupted files and PHP script errors. The best approach is to follow our step-by-step guide that will allow you to fix the 500 internal server error yourself.

wordpress not sending emails

9. WordPress Not sending emails

WordPress not sending emails happens quite often. This issue can show on either, or both sides – you or your visitors will not receive emails

The same often happens with WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Usually, it is not a problem on the server, but instead on your side, somewhere in the WordPress installation. The fix is not difficult, and if you want to learn how to implement it, read our article dedicated to WordPress not sending emails.

blank admin panel wordpress

10. Blank admin panel – WordPress Errors

You want to get into your admin panel in order to check your site, but after login – nothing, blank. This confusing problem can happen for a variety of reasons, but usually, bad WordPress code is to blame. But it can also be caused by memory issues, bad plugins, or themes.

In other words, Blank admin panel WordPress error can be caused by a plethora of different reasons, and to find out how to fix it, check our article.

cant login to wordpress admin

11. Cannot log in to the admin area – WordPress Errors

This one is similar to the last one, but this time you can’t log in to your admin area at all. Again, although this error is very annoying, it is common, and the fix is straightforward if you follow the right steps.
You can check our in-depth guide if you cannot login to the admin area in WordPress to solve this issue.

fix email notification issues in woocommerce

12. Fix email notification error in WordPress & WooCommerce

This one is common, both for WooCommerce, and WordPress in general. Sometimes your customers will not receive any order confirmations and other email notifications regarding their orders. This can create many ticket requests as they try to reach customer support of your online store.

A bunch of different reasons can cause this, and you will need to check the setup of your email accounts to see how to fix the issue. We have an article that will help you fix email notification issues in WooCommerce in detail, and we recommend you check it.

Can’t solve it on your own WordPress Errors? Call the pros!

As you can see, most of the fixes are straightforward, and won’t take you too much effort. However, sometimes problems are complex, and by fixing one you trigger a tone of different issues, breaking your site. If you don’t want to happen, or you don’t have time nor patience to deal with WordPress issues on your own, call us.

FixRunner is a team of WordPress experts, always ready to provide full site support, in a timely manner. Just check the number of positive reviews and testimonials we have, and see for yourself what our customers think of our WordPress Support service.

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