Best 8 pdf viewer plugins

Best 8 WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins You Can Trust in 2020

Best 8 pdf viewer plugins

A PDF file, as you might know, can’t be edited, hence its formatting can’t be changed without permission. As such, if you are looking to share a document over the internet without it losing its formatting, saving it in a PDF format will suffice. But what if you wanted to share your content in PDF format with your audience on your WordPress website? Well, the problem is, you can’t really view a PDF file on WordPress by default but with a plugin, you just might be able. 

WordPress, though very robust, doesn’t allow for PDF viewing. So, if you upload a PDF file to your WordPress website, your visitors will have to download the file and view it with an external PDF reader. You may not want that to happen as you would like to keep them on your site.

Thankfully, there’s a workaround for this problem: WordPress pdf viewer plugins. PDF viewer plugins make it possible for visitors to view a pdf file right within a WordPress website without needing to download it. 

In this post, we will be considering the best 8 plugins that enable pdf viewing on WordPress.

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The Best WordPress Plugins for Viewing PDF Files

We’ve curated some of the best plugins you can’t go wrong with when it comes to viewing PDF files on WordPress. Here are 8 of them.

1. PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder Plugin

If you are looking for an easy, seamless way to embed PDF files into your webpages and posts on WordPress, this plugin will suffice.

The plugin comes in both free and paid versions. In the free version, you can navigate through a document, quite seamlessly, using the next and previous buttons. 

To get more out of the plugin, you will have to upgrade to the paid version. In the paid version, there’s a download button, which when clicked will prompt the downloading of the file. 

What’s more, the premium version allows for full-screen viewing, making it possible for a visitor to navigate to a specific page, etc.

2. PDF Viewer

PDF Viewer WordPress Plugin

Powered by Javascript, a PDF viewer is also one of the best pdf viewing plugins out there in the market. 

It makes it easy for a user to navigate through a PDF file without many hassles. It also allows for zooming, downloading and bookmarking.

Above all, it’s free!

3. Google Doc Embedder – WordPress PDF Plugin

Google Doc Embedder Plugin

What if it’s a Microsoft Office document that you wish to embed into your WordPress website and not a PDF file? Not to worry, this plugin is up to the task.

With Google Doc Embedder, you can embed just about any file, including PDFs, PowerPoint, Excel, and a slew of other options. The plugin makes use of Google Docs Viewer technology.

It’s available in many languages, so if you are targeting an international audience, it might be a good fit.


DK PDF Viewer

Wouldn’t it be nice if your visitors could convert your posts to PDF files? Sure it would, and with the DK pdf plugin your visitors can convert your post to pdf at the click of a button. 

What’s more, the plugin allows for customization. For instance, a user can add a logo to the file, change fonts and customize the file’s header and footer.

5. WP Advanced PDF

WP Advanced PDF Plugin

Similar to DK pdf plugin, WP Advanced PDF can also be used to create a PDF file out of WordPress posts. Above all, this is an excellent solution if you will like your readers to create downloadable pdf files from your posts.

This PDF generator plugin also comes in two versions: free and paid.

The free version allows users to:

  • Add watermarks, hence improving the look of the document 
  • Add custom logo and fonts
  • Customize header and footer 
  • Also set custom bullet points
  • And lots more

In the advanced version, you can:

  • Get custom support
  • Upload fonts to WordPress

6. PDF.js Viewer Shortcode

PDF.js Viewer Shortcode

Built on Javascript, this plugin utilizes Mozilla’s PDF viewer technology to display pdf files in WordPress, elegantly.

One of the cool features of this plugin is that it allows users to protect their pdf files with passwords. Additionally, it allows for zooming, is available in many languages, has search functionality, and many other interesting features.

It’s also absolutely free!

7. PDF & Print by BestWebSoft – WordPress Plugin

PDF & Print Plugin by BestWebSoft

With this plugin, you can add a button for creating and printing PDF files to your published posts, pages, and also archives in WordPress. 

Talking about customization and flexibility, this plugin is second to none. For instance, it’s entirely up to you to determine where the button will be placed in a post or a page. You can also set the size of the pdf view window, hide the pdf from certain users, set custom margins on the document, and lots more.

Furthermore, in the paid version, you can set watermarks, customize the header and footer of the document, make a pdf file impossible to copy, etc.

8. Flowpaper – WordPress PDF Plugin

Flowpaper PDF plugin

With this plugin, you can also give your pdf documents a flipping effect, and a flipping effect makes a document visually appealing.

Provided your file size is kept below 15MB, you won’t have any issue using this plugin. 

To embed a document, all you need do is to have it uploaded to your WordPress website. When you do this, a shortcode for the file will be generated. 

Copy and paste the shortcode right where you want the file to be displayed, and you are done. 

In addition, the plugin comes with a variety of themes, and are all customizable.


In this post, we shared with you 8 powerful plugins that allow your visitors to view pdf documents right within your WordPress website. In fact, some even allow visitors to convert your posts to pdf files which they can either view in your website or download to their machine.

Now, you don’t have to worry about WordPress’ inability to display pdf files.

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