Google Docs to WordPress – How to Move Posts Without Losing Formating

Google docs to wordpress

If you would like to promote your business using content, WordPress is the go-to solution. When creating content, you usually have to use a word processor or as we call it Docx converter, like Google Docs. Thereafter, it should be very easy to transfer directly from Google Docs to WordPress, right? Well, not really. You have to embed Google Docs in WordPress first.

Here’s why: you can’t copy directly from Google doc processors to WordPress without a loss in formatting. Worse yet, any image in the content will be lost when you copy to WordPress.

Thankfully, there’s a workaround. In this post, we will show you how to copy content from Google Docs to WordPress without any changes in the document format. And we chose Google Docs for a reason which you will find out shortly.


  1. Why Embed Google Docs in WordPress
  2. How to copy a post from Google Docs to WordPress using plugins
  3. Conclusion

Why Embed Google Docs in WordPress

With Google Docs, writing and collaboration can be truly seamless. The staff in charge of SEO can select a topic, create content research, and then share the document containing this info with the writer.

The article writer then writes within the Google doc, after which he shares the same doc with the editor. Within this doc, the editor can make direct edits or add suggestions, and then send the article for publishing.

Thus, you get a great tool for collaborative writing when you use Google docs. Despite its effectiveness, uploading straight from Google Docs to WordPress isn’t hassle-free.

For instance, below is a snippet of a document which we will be copying to WordPress.

Copy Google Docs to WordPress

Here’s what we got after copying and pasting to WordPress.

Paste Google Docs in WordPress

And this is just one of the numerous problems of copying to WordPress from an online document processor such as Google Docs.

But not to worry, in a moment you will get to learn how to solve this problem.

How to Copy Posts from Google Docs to WordPress

Copying articles from Google Docs and pasting to WordPress can be done in quite a number of ways. But in this article, we will be focusing on just two.

Side Note: If you have the WordPress 5.0 or later versions installed, you may consider using the Gutenberg editor. Here’s why: when you transfer content, your paragraphs, headers, and images are placed correctly within their blocks. Also, there are no extra line breaks or HTML tags.

This may be a good reason to use the Gutenberg editor. However, if you prefer the WordPress classic editor, copying posts from Google Docs to WordPress requires some tweaks.

Without any further delay, let’s get right into it.


Wordable plugin for linking Google Docs to WordPress

Wordable is an online tool built for content editors and bloggers, which enables them to move their posts to WordPress from Google Docs with ease.

Though not free, you can get started without making any financial commitment. If after the trial period you are satisfied, you can then select a plan that best suits you.

The least plan starts at $19/month and it’s best suited for bloggers and individual content producers. For teams, the $99/month may be better.

To get started, head over to the website and click the Try Free button. The free trial lasts for 7 days – enough time to decide if you will want to stick around.

After clicking the try free button, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Select the email account that is linked to your Google Drive.

Step 2

Then, add your website. Do this by copying and pasting the URL of your website.

Setting up Wordable

Step 3

Download the plugin.

Download Wordable plugin

Step 4

Next, log into your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Plugins >> Add New. Click the Upload plugin button.

Upload Wordable plugin to WordPress

Then, navigate to the folder where the downloaded plugin is. Upload the zipped file, install and activate the plugin.

Step 5

After uploading, installing, and activating the plugin, still on the plugins page, scroll down to Wordable. Then click Settings.

Activate Wordable

Step 6

After clicking Settings, you will be prompted to connect your website to Wordable. Click the Connect Wordable button.

Connect Google Docs to WordPress with Wordable

Step 7 in Copying from Google Docs to WordPress

Log into your Google Drive account. You will see a folder prefixed with “Wordable“.

Wordable linked to Google Docs

To publish a post to your WordPress website, simply right-click on it, and then move it to the Wordable folder.

Step 8

With the post uploaded to the Wordable folder, head back to your Wordable account. Then click the Docs tab. In there, you will see the document you moved into your Wordable folder.

If you don’t see the document, search for it using the search bar. Once you find it, click the Export As Draft button.

Export document from Google Docs to WordPress

And that’s it!

Log into your WordPress account. Navigate to Posts >> All Posts. There, you will see the exported posts as a draft. Whenever you’re set, hit publish and your post is live.

Draft created from Google Docs

Let’s now look at the second plugin.

Mammoth.docx Converter

Wordable might be somewhat pricey for you. If so, don’t be worried – Mammoth converter is a great, free alternative.

But you will first have to convert your post in Google Docs to Word document, before then uploading it to your WordPress website via Mammoth converter.

To break things down, follow the steps below:

Step 1

First, download and install the plugin, following the same steps as we discussed earlier.

Step 2

Head over to your Google Drive account and then select the post you would like to export to WordPress.

After selecting, right-click on the doc and then click Download

Download document from Google Docs

The file will be saved as a .docx.

Step 3

From your WordPress dashboard, start a new post. Then scroll to the bottom, you will see an option to import .docx files via Mammoth.

Import document from Google Docs to WordPress

Select the downloaded file from your machine, upload it.

After the import process is complete, click the Insert into Editor button.

Create WordPress draft from Google Docs document

And that’s all there is to it. The imported document will appear as a post-draft. Feel free to publish at any time.


Google Docs makes it super easy to create content for publishing. If you have shied away from it in times past due to its poor compatibility with WordPress, you don’t have to anymore.

In this post, we shared with you two plugins that will make posting to WordPress from Google Docs seamless. For more useful tools, check out this article on the 10 best WordPress plugins that are essential or your business.

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