Best WooCommerce Coupon Plugins to Increase Your Sales

Best WooCommerce Coupon Plugins

To make your WooCommerce Store thrive, one of the skills you need to master is discount sales using WooCommerce coupon plugin.

And why is that, you ask? The reason is, everybody loves a good discount. So if you are going to get their attention, you need to give them discounts they can’t refuse. Of course, while still making profits.

This is where discount coupons – or coupons for short – come to play. Coupons have been used for years by physical stores to attract customers looking for good bargains. They worked so well that in this digital age, online store owners have adopted them too.

If you own a WooCommerce store and haven’t used coupon discounts yet, it’s about time you did so.

In this article, you will get to learn what coupons can do for you, and the reasons why having them is beneficial.

Most importantly, we will discuss some of the best WooCommerce plugins you can use to create coupons on the fly.

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What are Coupons?Coupon Ticket


So, what are coupons? They are vouchers that entitle you to a discount on a specific product or on multiple products. And they are often used in sales promotions and are redeemed in stores.

Depending on the type of discount coupon, the value can be redeemed online in e-Commerce stores.

As a merchant looking to attract more customers while retaining old ones, coupons can be immensely helpful in your marketing efforts.

Why You Should be Using Coupons

Done right, discount marketing with a coupon can help you achieve the following:

Solve Abandoned Cart Problems

Cart abandonment is a big problem for online store owners. This happens when a customer fails to check out after adding items to his/her cart.

With coupons, you can entice these run-away customers to finally make payments for the products they intended to buy.

To get maximum results, create a sense of urgency with the coupon. For instance, you can set a short expiry date for the coupon. An example would be, “you have 48 hours to redeem this coupon”.

Make More Sales

On the surface, coupon marketing might look like a money-leaking venture. But when you take a deeper look, you would discover otherwise.

The truth is shoppers who like to save money on deals oftentimes spend whatever they’ve saved on more deals. This tends to make them go on a shopping spree, and that means more sales for you.

Therefore, whatever you might have lost by slashing prices, you will recover in multiple folds via high sales volume.

Sell Off Old Stock

No merchant likes to have old stock lying around. Outrightly discarding them will mean heavy losses. Rather, selling them off at a lower price will minimize your loss.

With coupons, you can find customers willing to buy off your old stock. This marketing hack is often used during Black Fridays and other seasonal sales promotions.

How to a Create WooCommerce Coupon

To add a coupon to your WooCommerce store, you can either do so manually using the inbuilt functionality or use a plugin.

We will first consider the inbuilt coupon creation functionality. It is quite simple to set up.

After that, we will show you how to use plugins to achieve the same purpose.

Creating a WooCommerce Coupon Manually

Step 1

We assume you already have WooCommerce installed and that your store is up and functional.

If that isn’t the case and you are starting a new store, then your first step would be to Install and setup the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website.

Step 2

With WooCommerce installed, navigate to Marketing >> Coupons

Here, click the Add Coupon button.

Woocommerce coupons

On the next page, you will see two fields: Coupon code and Description.

In the Coupon code field, type in the code your customers will have to present so as to claim their coupon.

The Description field, obviously, is where you describe your coupon offer. This field can be left out as your customers won’t see it.

Coupon Code

Just below these fields, you will see the Coupon data settings with three tabs: General, Usage restrictions and Usage limits.

The General tab is where you get to select the type of discount you want to offer. WooCommerce has three of them: Percentage discount, Fixed discounts, and Fixed product discount.

Discount type

Depending on the type you go for, you can apply coupons discount for the entire purchase a customer makes, or on just one purchase.

In the Coupon amount subfield, set the amount of coupon you intend to give out. If the coupon comes with free shipping, check the Allow free shipping box.

Finally, if you so desire, set an expiry date to the coupon.

Below is an example of a coupon we’ve created. It awards a 40% discount on every cart, plus free shipping. The expiry date has been set to 25th Dec 2019.

Coupon Expiration Date

Step 3

The next settings tab we will be looking at is the Usage restriction. Here, you can restrict coupons and also exclude products or categories from your coupon.

You can also set the minimum spend that qualifies a customer for a discount. These restrictions give you the power to create coupons according to rules you define, which must be met before the customer can redeem the offer.

Usage restriction settings

Step 4

You may not want customers to use your coupon codes over and over – in which case you can limit the number of times they can use it. Of course, you can let them use it a limitless number of times if that’s fine with you.

The Usage limits tab enables set discount rules for your coupon.

Limit settings

You can set a limit to the number of times a coupon can be used (total number of available coupons). The default value is unlimited usage.

You can also set a limit to the number of times a customer can use a coupon.

When you are done, click the blue Publish button at the right-hand side of the screen. The coupon you just created will be published. To view/edit it afterward, navigate to Marketing >> Coupons.

Here you see a list of all coupons you’ve created.

To extend WooCommerce functionality and enhance your coupon marketing, you may purchase and install Smart Coupons. It’s a WooCommerce extension that lets you do much more with coupons.

For instance, with it, you can create coupons in bulk and share them with your customers via email.

With Plugins: 7 Best WooCommerce Coupon Plugins

Now we’ve shown you how to create a coupon manually in WooCommerce, let’s now discuss some of the plugins you can use to make life easy.

Discount Rules

Discount Rule WooCommerce Coupon plugin

Discount rules comes loaded with coupon features that can lessen your workload. If you use dynamic pricing in your marketing strategy, you will find this plugin extremely helpful.

Unlike the inbuilt WooCommerce coupon creator which limits you to only 3 types of discounts, Discount rules has user roles based discount in addition to over 20 more. That’s a whole lot of options!

Here’s a summary of what you can do with the plugin

  • Create buy-one-get-one-free discount offers
  • Increase the rate at which you acquire new customers
  • Offer discounts on high volume purchases
  • Automatically create coupons for return customers
  • Generate coupons for customers who buy from a particular product category on your site.

To get started with this plugin, all it would cost you is $49/year. That is provided you will use the plugin on just one site. For multiple site, you will need to upgrade your plan.

Coupon Generator for WooCommerce

Generator plugin

Looking for a way to generate coupons without any upfront financial investment? Coupon generator plugin for WooCommerce might hold the answer.

The best part, the plugin is super easy to use. In just three steps, you can create a live coupon on your website. That means you don’t have to be a WooCommerce guru to use it.

Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator

So far, we haven’t talked about styling and design for your coupons. Aesthetics do matter when it comes to coupon marketing because a badly designed coupon won’t catch attention.

Coupon creator takes styling and design to an entirely new level.

It comes with a visual editor that lets you style your coupons just the way you want them. But if you aren’t much of a designer, you can select from any of the pre-designed templates that come with the plugin.

But it isn’t only design that this plugin is good at – it can do a lot of cool stuff. For instance, you can integrate Google analytics to it so as to track users who interact with your coupons.

With it, you can set expiry dates and count down timers for your coupon.

This plugin is free. To get support, however, you will have to upgrade to the pro version. The pro version costs $34/yr.

Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons

Are you fascinated with “Buy One Get One Free” (BOGO deals)? Would you like to use them to attract more customers to your WooCommerce store?

Then, Advanced Coupons might be the answer. This WooCommerce plugin comes packed with features that will make coupon marketing a success for you.

Advanced Coupons also has a URL coupon feature. This feature makes it possible for users to redeem a coupon by just clicking on a link. If you are looking to leverage email marketing, you will find this feature immensely useful.

What’s more, the plugin lets you create loyalty reward programs, easily. And loyalty reward programs are a great way to increase customer retention rate.

The premium version goes for $99.

Gift Cards for WooCommerce Pro


Gift Cards for WooCommerce helps merchants to Create, Sell & Manage gift cards on their WooCommerce store. Customers can purchase these gift cards and send them to anyone through Email, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Moreover, Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce plugin provides five different types of pricing options for gift cards: Fixed Price, Selected Price, Range Price, User Price, & Variable Price.

What you can do with the WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin:

  • 20+ pre-designed Gift Card Templates for all occasions
  • Purchase product as a gift card
  • Online and Offline gift cards with PDF support
  • Redeem/Recharge Gift Cards on WooCommerce Store.

The cost of this plugin is $79 for a Single Site.

Yith WooCommerce Gift Card

gift card

Sometimes, a gift card does a better job at attracting customers than a coupon. This is particularly true if you run a gift shop.

With Yith, you can seamlessly create gift cards for your customers. The plugin is flexible enough to let you design your gift cards to your taste. What’s more, it lets you share your designed gift cards coupon via email.

WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons

Coupon Discounts Plugin

Everybody likes to make good savings on volume purchases. In fact, that’s why some customers buy in bulk from online stores – to save money.

To capture this pedigree of buyers, you need to entice them with mouth-watering coupons. And there is no easier way to create such coupons than using WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons.

What differentiates it from other discount plugins is its ability to create volume discount coupons at the click of a button.

However, this WooCommerce coupon plugin isn’t free. It has a price tag of $29 attached to it.

WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features

WooCommerce Coupon Extension Plugin

If you are looking to integrate automatic discount rules to your coupon marketing, this WooCommerce plugin is the place to look.

With this plugin, you can set restrictions to shipping method, payment method and also product combination.

Additionally, it lets you embed coupons in URLs. Once a customer clicks on the URL, he/she will be awarded the coupon.

The plugin is free, though it has a pro version. But the free version is often enough to get the job done.


To make your WooCommerce store a success, you need to employ a handful of creative tactics to attract and retain customers.

One of the best, cost-effective strategies you can use with guaranteed results is WooCommerce coupon marketing. Shoppers love to make huge savings on their purchases. And they will come in large numbers wherever a coupon deal is offered.

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