10 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins in 2023

Best WordPress Calendar Plugins

We previously did an article about the best booking plugins. Now, it is time for something similar – we’re going to show you our selection of the Best WordPress Calendar Plugins. The simple ones let you display events on a calendar (within widgets in the sidebar, WordPress posts, or pages).

Some others come with a lot more features like scheduling, registration, bookings, etc. While you can use most booking plugins for calendar functions, it is better to use the right plugin for the right purpose

So if your business requires a calendar on your website, for any reason, this post is for you. Here, we will review all sorts of calendar plugins. They will include free options, with basic features, and the premium ones, with more features and integrations.

Every WordPress Calendar plugin listed here is updated and working in 2023.

And since this is a beginner guide, we start with a video on How To Embed your Google Calendar In WordPress. Google Calendar is one of the most useful apps. It allows you to manage your schedule, share events, and organize everything around you.

Now, let’s continue to the plugins.


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WordPress Calendar Plugins

Each of these plugins has something amazing to offer. They come with different features including WordPress calendar widgets, embedded Google maps, in-built payments gateways, and so much more.

1. The Events Calendar

the events calendar - Best WordPress Calendar plugins

First on our list is the most popular WordPress calendar plugin you can find on the market.

The Events Calendar is a free plugin, packed with lots of features. It is also easy to set up. You can get started in only a few minutes and then tweak all the settings later.

The Modern Tribe developers update it regularly and offer support on WP forums, weekly. Each update brings in new features.

If you are short on time, you will love this tool’s rapid events creation feature. It lets you create all the events you need in a short time. Creating presets is also another feature. It will be useful if you have recurring venues or organizers.

Everything you create can be sorted by days, weeks, months, or lists. You can also look for a specific event using the search option.

This WP plugin is compatible with mobile devices and lets you display upcoming events/calendar within widgets. It also looks great on tablets, phones, as well as desktop computers.

The Events Calendar has a premium option that expands the feature list. This version adds recurring events, ticketing, social media capabilities. It also allows you to use shortcodes.

This tool works well with Google Calendar and other services. Code customization is also an option, something that developers always love to hear.

The Events Calendar PRO version also gets you premium support level.

2. Events Manager – WordPress Calendar Plugin

events manager plugin -Best WordPress Calendar plugins

Events Manager has a terrific free version that will serve its users well enough. If you only need basic functions for your website, this is the plugin for you.

This WordPress plugin interacts with the most popular digital calendar solutions, Google Calendar, and iCalendar. It also works with Google Maps to mark the location of your event precisely.

You can otherwise create virtual events with no real-world location. The free version lets your visitors register for single & recurring events. This makes the plugin unique. 

Further, Events Manager works really well with the BuddyPress plugin, which enables social interaction. And it lets you display the events you created on your WordPress site – in a calendar grid, on your page, post, or within sidebar widgets. 

Events Manager Pro is inexpensive. Still, it will let you completely manage your events. It also includes bookings since it has built-in payment gateways (Paypal and Authorize.net).

This plugin enables you to create booking forms. And it gives you options to run email marketing, and also create coupons for your customers.

If you need fast premium support, you will have to opt for the Pro version.

3. All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar - Best WordPress Calendar plugins

All-in-One Event Calendar by Timely is another calendar plugin with great features. It probably has the best looking, yet most intuitive interface.

That is what makes it a good option for those who are not that familiar with WP plugins. It is minimalistic and functional.

All in One Event Calendar lets you create recurring events. It also comes with Google Maps integration, so you can spot the exact location on the map. External calendars like Google Calendar and iCal are supported too.

Using the filter features, you can view events by categories or tags. Also, you can sort by day/week/month/agenda/posterboard view. Color coding events is also possible, for easier distinguishing. Importing and exporting events to other Website calendars can be done too.

Other free features include an Inline Calendar Theme editor, Upcoming Events widget, embedded google maps in WordPress, etc.

All-in-One Event Calendar Plugin has paid features too. You can choose to buy them as separate add-ons, or by subscribing.

The add-on library is imposing, one of the biggest of any WP calendar plugin. It will let you completely customize how your app looks and functions. You can add Twitter integrations, Frontend Submission Form, or similar.

All-in-One Event Calendar is excellent. Its flexibility makes it a decent option for anyone. Try the free version, see if you like it, and then decide if it is worth purchasing add-ons or subscriptions.

4. My Calendar

my calendar plugin

My Calendar is a plugin that is easily used by anybody, no matter the skill level. Designers, developers, or anyone who needs a versatile calendar will love it. You can sort events by a grid and list views, and also by monthly/daily/or weekly views.

This WordPress tool lets you add various Widgets – today’s events, upcoming events, compact calendar, and event search. The mini-calendar is available as a widget or WordPress shortcode.

You can also finely tune every setting, affecting how the calendars will look at the frontend. Further, MyCalendar works well with some of our best plugins. For instance, MyTickets plugin, which is free. This helps you create a complete solution for displaying events. And also selling the tickets for them.

MyCalendar has a PRO version, which adds advanced event search. It lets you create events from posts. Your visitors can also create and edit their events.

It also lets you manage, and request payments. In addition to that, you can import and export events from and to CSV and iCal, via file or URL. It will turn a WP calendar plugin into a full booking solution.

5. Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar is a simple but powerful booking system for managing your events. As the name implies, this WordPress calendar plugin follows all the latest trends in the web development industry. Calendars created with it look neat and modern.

WordPress Events Calendars has booking capabilities. It lets you sell tickets to your events’ visitors. You can also create recurring events and never-ending events.

It has a countdown feature so you can attract even more attention to your events. Also, you can make the most of the WordPress Calendar Widget to display your events anywhere in your theme.

Additionally, the plugin lets you spot the location of your event on Google Maps.

Modern Events Calendar has Google Calendar integration too. More so, you can embed featured images into your event. This will act as a badge or thumbnail. You can use anything from the picture of the organizer, location, or similar. 

This tool lets you create custom shortcodes to customize your calendars easily. Shortcodes are compatible with Visual Composer, a popular WordPress page builder plugin.

Events Calendar lets you set up your own, unique skins via CSS. If that is too much, you can choose from a variety of skins and styles that are already there. You can change every icon and color to your liking.

This plugin comes with multi-language compatibility. A calendar widget is also an option, for WordPress themes that support them. You can also add your MEC widget to any post on your site.

It supports PayPal and is WordPress Multi-site ready. Also, it’s compatible with other WordPress plugins, for SEO, and caching.

Modern Events Calendar is a premium plugin, sold on the official website.

6. Simple Calendar

Google Calendar Plugin

If you already use Google Calendar, Simple Calendar is the option for you. This is the official WordPress Google calendar plugin.

It is a clean, user-friendly, and elegant solution, like many other Google products. The integration is seamless, and you don’t need to tweak anything in the plugin.

Just update the events in your Google Calendar, and everything will be visible in the plugin, and on your site.

This plugin works out of the box. The design will match your WordPress theme. So, you won’t need to change anything manually.

Calendars look fantastic! It displays all the necessary info about the event. This includes details, names, and even avatars of the attendees. All activities can be shown in a day or week view. All can be color-coded, for easier grouping.

It is needless to say that the plugin is fully compatible with mobile devices. Everything looks equally great no matter the screen size and device.

Tweaking the plugin settings is plain simple, and self-explanatory. It can be done from your phone or computer. There you will be able to set how the event looks, add dates, event locations, or highlight the important stuff.

Simple Calendar is available in seven languages, making it suitable for WP websites with an international audience. It also has integration with the Event Calendar Newsletter, to turn your events into accessible newsletter form.

There is also a Pro option. It gives you more tools, such as secure connection, and priority support. You also get to display events from the public and private Google Calendars.

However, the free option is great. Give it a try, and figure out if you want to purchase the premium upgrades, or not.

7. Events Schedule – Best WordPress Calendar plugins

Events WordPress Plugin

Events Schedule is a premium plugin, so, there are no free versions. However, it is cheap, so it won’t drain your pockets.

Events Schedule is an elegant solution for displaying your classes or events. It is a powerful, complete platform that lets your clients book and buy tickets.

It has full integration with WooCommerce. Also, it works well with almost every WP theme on the Theme Forest market. If you are using the Visual Composer page builder, the plugin works with it too.

This WordPress plugin features an upcoming events calendar widget. It also has a Visual Schedule Builder, which lets you create a schedule for your team in minutes.

Everything is highly customizable in this plugin. You can change not only colors but also the position of elements.

Events Schedule is fully compatible with mobile devices and is SEO and Translation friendly. It is compatible with all browsers and devices.

This WP calendar plugin has five different designs that will fit any event and business type. It offers all kinds of options for viewing events, with different layouts. All the events look fantastic.

The individual event page is highly customizable and can display as much information as you want. The details will show only when a visitor opens the event. This prevents the main calendar view from being clumsy.

Events Schedule is an interesting solution. Premium, low-cost, elegant design with a lot of tools. However, don’t just take our word for it. Try it out. 

8. Event Calendar WD – Best WordPress Calendar pluginsEvent Calendar WD – Responsive Event Calendar plugin

Event Calendar WD (also known as Spider Event Calendar) is a responsive WordPress calendar plugin. WD stands for WebDorado, the developer team.

Event Calendar WD plugin allows you to display the events in seven different views. These are the month, week, 4-day, day, list, map, and posterboard. These options are more than enough for any event type.

You can further organize them by adding tags, venues, organizers, or other categories. This plugin can be used for creating both one-time, and multi-day and recurring events. Visitors can explore through the activities you create by using the search option on the front panel.

The developers made a terrific YouTube channel and it has a full tutorial video that guides you step-by-step through the plugin. That makes this plugin beginner-friendly.

You can showcase the events you created using prebuilt, customizable themes, or you can create your own from scratch. A cool thing about Event Calendar WD is that the calendar behaves like any other post. It will show in the existing posts taxonomy, and people will see it in the “Related posts” or “Newest posts” sections, which will help boost the visibility of your events. Embedded social media sharing buttons further enhance this.

Event Calendar WD also has a premium version. It will offer you additional features, some of which we already described. 3 out of the 7 views are premium. It also comes with customizable themes, as well as recurring events.

Like with other plugins, go ahead, and try the free version. That is the best gauge for deciding if it is worth upgrading to the premium.

9. EventOn – Best WordPress Calendar plugins


EventOn is another premium WordPress calendar plugin you can buy on CodeCanyon. It has lots of features at a low price.

EventOn has a minimalistic design, that is easy to understand. However, it has all the features and options that a complete calendar plugin should have.

The minimal approach looks beautiful. All information is available at a glance, separated in a sleek tile layout. Kudos to the EventOn designers.

EventON plugin has a unique shortcode generator. This will let you customize your calendars, and add them to your site quickly. Once you create your events, you can set them to repeat for days, or weeks. You can also set a custom repeat schedule.

This tool lets you add images to your events. You may also add details either by enabling expandable info or showing them at once. EventOn allows you to create multi-day events too. Further, you can mark the event location on maps to enable easy finding of the event address.

All activities you create can be assigned to up to five different categories. You may also create separate calendars for each. And if you wish, you can color code categories and make events more recognizable.

EventOn plugin works well with Google Calendar. Visitors can add events to their calendars with a single click. They can also download a file and add it to other calendar apps they use.

The search option feature makes it easy for visitors to filter through all the events. In addition, Sharing icons for social sharing and networks are also present.

EventOn has 200+ functions, and all that at a really low price. It is a good choice if you want a good plugin without spending much.

10. Responsive Timetable – Best WordPress Calendar plugins

Responsive Timetable for WordPress

Responsive Timetable plugin has a sleek, modern interface. It enables you to create timetables for your events with ease. The plugin comes loaded with all the tools you need to make your calendar awesome.

You can color-code events individually, or use separate colors for different columns or full timetables. To make everything beautiful and easy to read, detailed information is shown in the popup.

Also, any images or videos you have added to describe the event will be there too. If your site has a large number of events, you can organize them using filters.

This is a perfect WordPress calendar plugin for events such as music festivals. It offers elegant solutions for displaying what happens across different stages. You can add more fields to describe the location and time of every concert on each stage. Everything will look amazing.

You can further add background images to make events visually stand out from each other, and to avoid congestion. And you can add timetables to your posts via widget or shortcode.

How about customization options? They are almost endless. Responsive Timetable has over 500 icons to choose from.

This is a premium plugin, and you can get it on CodeCanyon. There are also specific add-ons you can buy. One of them is the mobile-friendly Horizontal Layout Addon. There are quite a number of other add-ons. But, we’ll leave further explorations to you.

Responsive Timetable is useful for those who need timetables on their site. If that’s you, we recommend you to get this plugin, since it isn’t costly.

Best WordPress Calendar plugins – Conclusion

As you can see, there are a lot of great options. Picking the best WordPress calendar plugin for you is not easy when there are so many good solutions, but it’s a good problem to have.

You should try some of the free plugins we have mentioned, and then see how it goes from there. If the free version proves to be good for your business needs, then you save some money.

If not, upgrade to the premium version. Or, get a paid plugin. It may take some trial and errors but you will find the right plugin within this list. 

Now if you face any challenge, contact FixRunner. We can set up everything for you. Not just calendar plugins, but any WordPress related issue you might have.

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