WordPress Admin Panel

Introduction to the WordPress Admin Panel

Understanding the features in your WordPress Admin Panel is a great way to learn how to master the functions of your WordPress-powered website or blog. Our guide shows you around the main features.
How To Fix A Blank WordPress Admin Panel

How To Fix A Blank WordPress Admin Panel

/ has a solution for every common WordPress problem. This guide shows how to solve a blank Admin Panel.
What to Do When You Cannot Delete a WordPress Plugin

What to Do When You Can’t Delete a WordPress Plugin

/ explains how you can bypass the problem of not being able to delete a WordPress plugin.

What to Do When Your WordPress Admin Dashboard Does Not Display Correctly

/ gives a step-by-step solution for users whose WordPress Admin Dashboard is displaying incorrectly.

How to Use Comments in WordPress

WordPress gives website administrators full Comments modification options. Watch our video to see how you can approve, delete or edit comments left on your website or blog.

How to Access and Use the Admin Bar in WordPress

The Admin Bar of your WordPress site lets authorized Admin personnel control so many aspects of their site, such as monitoring comments, adding users and creating new posts.