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How To Integrate BigCommerce and WordPress

Do you want to integrate BigCommerce into your WordPress website? BigCommerce is a complete eCommerce solution with ready support for product listing and marketing your products. However, WordPress is another powerful content management system that makes it easier to manage a website. This is evident from its wide adoption, powering over 38% of the web […]

How To Safely Switch To Google Analytics 4 in WordPress

Would you like to safely switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 in WordPress? Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of the web performance tool. It comes with enhanced measurement protocol. Google recommends that site owners migrate to this newest release before July 1st, 2023. This is because Universal Analytics will stop tracking […]

8 Best Internal Linking Plugins For WordPress

Are you looking for the best internal linking plugin for your WordPress site? As a website owner, you constantly aim to boost your site’s SEO rankings. Internal links are one of the many ways to improve your SEO. Having internal links on your website increases user engagement. When users spend time on your website, it […]

WordPress Restaurant Themes – The Best Themes For Your Food Business

Learn what you should look for in a good restaurant theme, and see our selection of WordPress restaurant themes that fit the bill. Restaurants and cafes are some of the oldest, yet popular businesses. If managed well, a restaurant business can accrue you a lot of profits. However, managing a restaurant can be demanding. There […]

How to Make Fewer HTTP Requests in WordPress

Websites that make more HTTP requests tend to load slower. Optimizing your server to make fewer HTTP requests will improve your website performance and overall loading speed. In this guide, you will learn how to optimize your website to make fewer HTTP requests. Before that, let’s explain what HTTP requests mean and why you should […]

How to Make a Business Website Using WordPress in 2 Simple Steps

Having a professional website for your business helps you stand out from your competition. It gives you a platform to market your goods and services with exciting details and graphics and ultimately gain new customers. In the past, you had to be tech-savvy, or you needed to hire a developer to have a website. However, […]