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White Screen of Death in WordPress

Are you currently trying to fix the WordPress white screen of death error on your site? This guide takes you through all the steps you need to resolve this error, and regain access to your site. White screen of death (WSOD) is one of the most common WordPress errors and it appears in different forms. […]

How to Add Expires Headers in WordPress

What are the expires headers in WordPress? Why are they important? To understand expires headers, you first need to know a little about browser cache. Each website has static files that make up the web page, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These files do not change frequently, which means if you requested the page yesterday, […]

10 Best WordPress Membership Plugins for Your Website Compared

Introduction Adding WordPress membership is a great way to monetize your website. By creating restricted content for paying customers or registered users, you create exclusivity. Of course, to do that, you need to build a proven reputation among your audience. That is something that does not happen overnight. However, once you have established yourself as […]

How to Improve WordPress Design with Infographics

If the Internet is a thing, it is vision. People love the ease with which information can be accessed and absorbed. When text information is combined with visual content like charts, graphs, or photos, it could be even easier to understand complex data. We know that more and more admins use WordPress infographics in their […]

WordPress Popup Plugin

Why should you use a WordPress popup plugin? How do you select the best for your needs? Find out in this article. Conversion rate is an important metric to keep an eye on when looking to set up a website. But how exactly do you go about converting casual website visitors to subscribers and paying […]