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WordPress Review Plugin

Why should you use a WordPress review plugin, and which are the best out there? One big challenge most businesses with an online presence struggle with is conversion. That is, converting a casual visitor to a paying customer. Even with great product offerings and mouth-watering discounts, convincing a potential customer to make a purchase can […]

WooCommerce Shortcodes

If you are a WordPress user, you are most likely familiar with ‘shortcodes’. They are small bits of codes used for pulling predefined functions or content into WordPress posts and pages. Before shortcodes were introduced, we always had to type long codes to achieve certain functionalities. Woocommerce comes with several shortcodes. If you need to […]

Google Site Kit

The search giant, Google, has become central to many aspects of online business. As a WordPress site owner (whether for ecommerce, brick and mortar business, or blogging), making your site search engine, and user friendly can do great things for your business. And this is where the Google Site Kit plugin can help you! If […]