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The 15 Best Store Locator Plugins for WordPress Sites

Store locator plugins for WordPress aim at connecting online businesses with brick-and-mortar shops. Practically, these plugins show the physical locations of your business to Internet users. A store locator plugin is mandatory for businesses with multiple locations. Also, it is a much-needed tool for a single location business. The advantages of store locator plugins are […]

How To Recover Abandoned Cart In WooCommerce

Do users leave your store without purchasing the items in their carts? Are you wondering how to recover the abandoned carts in WooCommerce? You are not alone. Cart abandonment is one of the challenges almost all e-commerce websites face. In fact, according to research by Baymard Institute, WooCommerce stores experience a 69.80% cart abandonment rate. While it […]

9 Best WordPress Firewall Plugins In 2021

Are you searching for the best WordPress firewall plugin? If you care about the security of your site, then this should be a priority. Managing a WordPress site comes with challenges, and one very common challenge is securing your site from hackers and malware. Although the platform is secure by itself, it is not impenetrable […]

Top WordPress GDPR Compliance Plugins Compared

To better understand what WordPress GDPR Compliance Plugin is and why it is important, first, let us explain what GDPR is. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Union’s law on the use of personal data. It protects the personal data of individuals by enforcing their rights to it. Every public sector that […]