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How To Easily Clean Up Your WordPress Database

Why it’s so important to clean up your WordPress database. All WordPress websites are comprised of two parts – the files which contain media, themes, and plugins and the database which contains the settings, posts, post meta, users and their credentials, and so forth. The file size of the WordPress database can vary, depending on […]

How to Setup WordPress on Google Cloud

Today we have many hosting solutions available for WordPress hosting. For this reason, it might be hard to decide what’s the best option for your website. We can classify hosting in a few categories; shared, dedicated, managed, VPS ( Virtual private server ), and cloud hosting. In this article, we are looking at Google Cloud […]

How to Edit Footer in WordPress

If you are new to WordPress, doing something as simple as editing a WordPress footer might look complicated. For this reason, we created this tutorial to show you how easy it is. Usually, after installing WordPress, you’ll find the “Proudly Powered by WordPress” text on your new site. If you have already installed a theme, […]