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9 Best WordPress Migration Plugins On The Market

Migrating a WordPress site is not a simple process when done manually. However, for most users, any of the WordPress migration plugins will do the job. It’s usually cheaper than a premium service and a lot less complicated compared to a manual migration process. WordPress sites consist of files (where your theme, plugins, images, and […]

The Fastest WordPress Themes Of 2021

Does Speed Matter? Why are the fastest WordPress themes so important? Experts say that if a site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, more than half (53% to be precise) of the people press the back button. Besides, this is the statistic for mobile phones, now imagine what users are expecting while using computers. […]

How To Easily Clean Up Your WordPress Database

Why it’s so important to clean up your WordPress database. All WordPress websites are comprised of two parts – the files which contain media, themes, and plugins and the database which contains the settings, posts, post meta, users and their credentials, and so forth. The file size of the WordPress database can vary, depending on […]