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What is an XFN link relationship in WordPress?

What is a link relationship (XFN) in WordPress? Link relationship (XFN) stands for XHTML Friends Network. Global Multimedia Protocols Group made and maintains the XFN standards. XFN uses hyperlinks to represent real-world human relationships. In other words, you can think of XFN as distributed social networking. Unlike traditional social networks, there is no central server […]

Best Drag-and-Drop WordPress Theme Builders Of 2022

What is a Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Builder? A vast majority of WordPress users decide on using this platform for its ease of use. The requirement for coding is minimum, in some cases it is nonexistent. This is arguably one of the biggest WordPress “selling” points. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, […]

9 Best WordPress Migration Plugins On The Market

Migrating a WordPress site is not a simple process when done manually. However, for most users, any of the WordPress migration plugins will do the job. It’s usually cheaper than a premium service and a lot less complicated compared to a manual migration process. WordPress sites consist of files (where your theme, plugins, images, and […]

The Fastest WordPress Themes Of 2022 – The Ultimate List

Does Speed Matter? Why are the fastest WordPress themes so important? Experts say that if a site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, more than half (53% to be precise) of the people press the back button. Besides, this is the statistic for mobile phones, now imagine what users are expecting while using computers. […]