How to Remove Powered By WordPress Link from Footer

remove powered by wordpress from footer

So, you’ve worked so hard to knock out an awesome WordPress Website. It’s beautiful, functions as it should – everything looks fine. Then, you noticed a text link right in the theme footer in WordPress which reads “Proudly Powered by WordPress”. In this guide, we will show you how to remove powered by WordPress link from the footer in WordPress.

Well you love your WordPress site, and you would gladly admit that your site is WP based if someone asks, but you likely do not want that WordPress credit plastered on your site.

Thankfully, powered by WordPress credit link in the footer of your website can be removed. While this footer message won’t hurt your website in any way, it could make your website come across as unprofessional. If you run a business website, this link can make your business appear less credible.

In this tutorial, you will learn the different techniques for removing WordPress footer credit.

In this article:

The short answer is no. WordPress, being a free and open technology, permits users to edit the code as they please. WordPress is backed up by GPL (General Public License) license. This license permits just about anybody to edit and redistribute WordPress.

Additionally, all themes from WordPress repository are also covered by GPL. So, removing the footer credit won’t get you in legal troubles.

Now we have settled the legal part, let’s see how to remove this powered by WordPress text link from the footer of your website.

How To Remove Powered By WordPress Footer Link

It’s always a good idea to back up your website before editing the code to the core files. Things could go wrong when you least expect, and so having a backup is a wise thing to do. So, before we proceed with this tutorial, create a backup of your website.

There are a couple of ways to go about removing powered by WordPress footer link. For this tutorial, we would be considering two easy to use techniques.

Technique #1: Customizing the website’s theme

Most themes make room for removing powered by WordPress footer link. To do this, log into your admin dashboard, navigate to Appearance >> Customize.

Appearance >>Customize

Now, the next step to removing WordPress footer credit will largely depend on the WordPress theme you are using. You can either navigate to:

  1. Appearance >> Customize >> Footer Area and then disabling footer credit
  2. Appearance >> Customize >> Site Identity and then hiding the footer credit

Technique #2: Editing the footer.php file

Right in your admin dashboard, navigate to Appearance >> Editor Appearance >> Editor

 Appearance >> Editor 

Next, scroll down to the footer.php file.

remove powered by wordpress - footer

Locate the line that reads “Proudly powered by WordPress” and delete it starting from the opening php tag.

remove powered by wordpress - footer text

Finally, update file. After removing the footer credit, you should have something like this:

remove powered by wordpress - edit footer

Note: Another popular technique for removing powered by WordPress footer message is by making edits to the website’s CSS. This involves setting the display of site-info to none. That is:

.site-info{display: none;}

The problem, however, is that this technique might hurt your website’s SEO. Google seriously frowns at hiding links in CSS. For this reason, we left out mentioning this technique in this tutorial.


We hope that, in this tutorial, you’ve learned the two simple techniques for removing Powered By WordPress footer code. The techniques shared here are certainly effective and recommended as they would not harm SEO. We advise that as much as possible you should avoid hiding the powered by text link via CSS.

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