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How to Block IP Address in WordPress

Do you receive unwanted comments and unwelcomed emails from some visitors on your site? Or do you notice a delay in page load time of your site? If yes, it could mean some users are trying to gain unauthorized access for some illicit purpose. However, dealing with this kind of activity may be a cause […]

How To Fix Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size Exhausted in WordPress

In this guide, learn how to increase WordPress memory limit on your site. Also see when it is best to find ways to reduce memory consumption, instead of increasing the wp memory limit Your WordPress website needs computer memory to function. Sometimes, the memory allocated may not be enough to run your site and you […]

How To Disable WordPress Plugins Using FTP

Are you trying to disable WordPress plugins on your site? If this is because you are facing an error, and you suspect they may be the cause, then you likely have no access to your admin panel at this point. In this case, you would need to disable WordPress plugins using FTP. You can also […]

How to Fix Err_Connection_Refused Error

Are you currently seeing the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error in Chrome while trying to access a WordPress website or any site? This error makes the site inaccessible. Here’s the appearance of this error on Google Chrome: As you can see, the browser says the site can’t be reached, even though you have an internet connection. Of course, […]

How to Fix The Upload Failed to Write File to Disk Error in WordPress

Have you ever tried to upload pictures to your WordPress website and received this error message Upload: Failed to write file to disk? If you are currently seeing this error, don’t panic! In this article, you will learn a couple of easy ways to fix this error quickly. Even if you are just starting out […]

How to Enable GZIP Compression in WordPress

Enabling GZIP compression on WordPress sites is one sure way of improving your website’s loading speed.  When it comes to user experience and SEO  – loading speed is super important. The faster a website loads, the better it tends to perform. As such, speeding up your website should always be your priority. Of the many […]