How To Get Your WordPress Website into Google’s Top 10 – Guaranteed!


Have you ever wondered how some websites got into Google’s top 10 results, or the first page of other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing? Do you want to catapult your site onto the first page of a search engine?
I have been using a great analytics program that can point you into the right direction. It can highlight all of the SEO adjustments you need to make to your site for it to feature in Google’s top 10 results, and help you rank high in other search engines. It is extremely user-friendly and requires no prior technical knowledge to use with great efficiency.

I’ve experienced a 95% success rate with this program and encourage my new clients to utilize its optimization benefits in order to gain impressive results for their website rankings.
Internet Business Promoter (IBP) is an amazing tool and I have had consistently excellent results using it in the past three years. In fact, I continue to use it for websites that I maintain as a part of my business– it’s that good!

How does IBP Work?

IBP works very intuitively – simply tell the program what you want to achieve and it will tell you what you need to do to get it! Here are the steps in more detail:

STEP 1– Input your keyword of choice

Tell IBP the keyword or phrase that you want to be optimized on the page. I’ll illustrate an example of how it operates by using a website that I have started to promote recently –  For this site, our aim is to be ranked within Google’s top 10 results with the keyword “Cash advance online.”


Step 2 – IBP will scan your site for the keyword and compare it to the current top 10 results

The program will then scan your site for the keyword and analyze its current SEO performance compared with the 10 sites which presently occupy the top spots.  Referring to our example, when we input the keyword “cash advance online,” IBP scans the top ranking Google sites which have this as their main keyword.

ibp keyword

Step 3 – IBP will generate you a detailed optimization report

When IBP has completed its analysis, you will see a full on-screen summary of how your site performs currently and which specific optimizations you need to make to your site rank in Google’s top ten results. As you would expect, it will tell you which keywords need to feature; how many times (keyword density); and how your top ranking competitors fare in comparison. But it also gives very specific “Essential” directions, including what your top 10 ranking requirement score currently is and how you can get a higher score by utilizing anchor texts of backlinks, number of backlinks and keyword placement tricks in the body of your text.
Here is an example of the “Before” report we generated for

IBP -before

Step 4 – Follow the advice to make the optimization changes to your website

Once you receive the report, it is vital to closely follow all of the guidance given within to make the website rank within Google’s top 10.
Here is a screenshot of the report after we made after the optimization changes:

IBP - after

Few Words about Our Example

IBP will not show a real value report for websites that are already in the top ten results, that’s why use as our example.

When we started optimizing on 11.05.2015 it was ranked on google page 10 for the keyword “cash advance online” now after the optimization the website it is on page 2 for that keyword’ and it will continue to climb to the top 10 results :-)

Will IBP work for me?

SEO is a constant process of making adjustments to websites in order to achieve the best ranking possible. On-Page SEO is the specialist focus of IBP and this is one of the most important aspects in making your website perform as well as possible. Using this program will help to optimize your website page-by-page in the most thorough way by analyzing every component of your site’s content, from keywords, density to backlinks and keyword placement.

Why do we say that the top placements are guaranteed?

IBP offers an unbeatable money-back guarantee if you follow their advice and are unable to achieve a ranking within Google’s top 10 results. The creators of the program are so sure that your site will appear on the first page of results, that they are willing to refund your money if you don’t. I can safely say that in the years that I have been using IBP that I have never needed to ask for a refund!

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