What to Do When Your WordPress Admin Dashboard Does Not Display Correctly

admin dashboard

FixRunner.com gives a step-by-step solution for users whose WordPress Admin Dashboard does not display correctly and is experiencing problems. Follow this guide to know what to do when your WordPress Admin Dashboard does not display correctly. You can also check how to use your WordPress Dashboard here.

What’s the problem?

Your WordPress Admin Dashboard not visible and looks strange? Or you can’t see the CSS and the links are disorganized. Here is a quick guide how to fix this issue.


How you can solve it

Solution 1

Step 1

Check that your internet connection is not being held behind a firewall or a proxy connection.

Step 2

If you discover that a firewall or a proxy is in use, clear the cookies and cache by pressing Ctrl + F5 to refresh your page.

Solution 2

Step 1

Check your list of installed WordPress plugins

Step 2

Upgrade any admin menu plugins that you have, especially any entitled “Admin Drop Down Menu Plugin” or “Lighter Menus Plugin.”

Step 3