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WordPress is the most popular CMS out there. But, where can you find help in your time of need? The obvious answer is the WordPress support forums.

WordPress was first released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Today WordPress powers more than 30% of the Internet. Being an open source software, it has a vast community. And that translates into a large number of developers, which makes it likely for you to find the answers to any WordPress related questions you might have.

While this is mostly a blessing, it can also be a curse, depending on how you look at it. Whatever your question is, you are likely to find dozens of answers for it. Separating proper answers from wrong ones can prove to be difficult, as well as separating good sources of information from those that are unreliable.

FixRunner is here to help. In this article, we will present to you the best WordPress support forums and other resources for learning more about this CMS. Our list only includes relevant knowledge base sources, well-known in the WordPress community, so you don’t need to worry about the credibility when seeking solutions in them. Let’s dig in!

Paid Vs Free WordPress Support And Help

While WordPress has a vast community that has the answers you are looking for, finding them takes time, even when you search in the right places. Also, solutions might require a level of technical skill you don’t possess.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you can create more problems than you are trying to solve. Furthermore, without adequate technical knowledge, you will not be able to distinguish the right answer from the wrong one. That is particularly true if you choose to enter code snippets. You don’t want to gamble with your website security and  functionality.

For this reason, if you are not absolutely sure what you are doing, you should ask for professional help. At FixRunner we have “One-Time Fix” which is ideal if you only have a single problem. However, if you want to have a team of WordPress experts at hand all the time, check our affordable subscription plans. After all, you have a business to run, leave website maintenance to the experts.

FixRunner will take care of your  WordPress installs, WordPress backups, hosting servers, theme and plugin installation, site optimization, and WordPress security. You can always contact our WordPress support chat if you have any questions. 

However, if you are skillful enough to tackle problems on your own, or you are just brave, here is our list of best WordPress forums and resources:


WordPress Help and Support By FixRunner

This Facebook WP forum provides excellent, free help to people with all kinds of WordPress questions. Members can get help from other members in the group and many issues can be resolved this way.

Even better, experts from FixRunner will often step in to provide suggestions and solutions. And these are seasoned professionals with many years of experience fixing WordPress issues.

Joining this WP forum is pretty easy. Simply read through the rules, answer a few questions, and hit submit. If done well, your membership will be approved and you can start posting and answering questions.

Official WordPress Support Forums


wordpress.org support forum

As with everything else, it is always a good idea to search for help on the official pages, and WordPress is no exception. The best place to find WP support is at its source, official WordPress support forums. Since WordPress powers more than 30% of the whole Internet, you can expect to find solutions to most of your problems there. More likely than not, someone else has had the same, or at least a similar problem before, so make sure you search through the older posts a bit before asking a question.

Also, read their welcome page. It will tell you a lot about how you should behave in order to get a prompt response. After all, it is a community forum, you are asking other WordPress users to aid you. Sometimes though, you will get help directly from Automattic, as they also read the conversations.

how to submit questions - WordPress Support Forums
Make sure you post your questions in the correct forum and subforum, and turn on email notifications so you get notified when someone answers. To do so, tick the notify me box at the bottom of the form. After you fix the issue, remember to come back to the topic and share how you did it, so you can assist other users in the future. And don’t forget to thank the person who helped you the most.


wordpress codex - WordPress Support Forums

WP Codex 

For official documentation, guides, and manuals, the WordPress Codex is your best bet. They have created terrific guides on various WordPress issues. Explanations are clear, easy to understand and very beginner-friendly. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find answers to your more advanced questions as well. WP Codex should be one of the first places to look for when you need WordPress help and want to fix issues yourself.

WordPress TV 


WordPress TV - WordPress Support Forums

If you are not into reading guides, and would rather watch videos while learning, WordPress TV is the answer. It is another official address with an abundance of video materials aimed to make your life easier while you learn.

Videos are a much better way of learning because you do not just see screenshots, rather you see the whole installation and tweaking process in front of you. And if you want a screenshot, pause the video at any time.

But WordPress TV is not just about tutorials. It is an impressive multimedia hub for everything WP related, and you should definitely check it out.


Quora WordPress help - WordPress Support Forums

Quora – WordPress Support Forums

Quora is not a dedicated WordPress forum, but rather a general one. However, because it is enormously popular and lively, you will be surprised by the amount of great WordPress-related content you can find on Quora WordPress discussion boards.

What’s excellent about Quora is that you won’t only get help from other WordPress users (which is great too), but from top developers and people from popular websites dedicated to WordPress support. They all know that people search Quora for help, and are willing to provide you with quality answers for free while promoting their brand along the way.


Reddit WordPress community - WordPress Support Forums

Reddit – WordPress Support Forums

Visit Reddit at your own risk! 😀 Reddit is the best place on the entire internet. A forum so broad and so useful, it is becoming the go-to knowledge source for many people, even surpassing Wikipedia. The upvote/downvote system works terrific, and because there are so many people online, you will get your answers quickly.


Reddit’s WordPress Help & Resources:


Yes, it has a dedicated WordPress subreddit, and it is one of the first places you should search through if you encounter a problem. There are separate subreddits for plugins, WordPress themes, and for more advanced stuff. You can also find information about the best hosting, coding tutorials, and help. And if you are a developer, you can even find a job.

However, if you are not self-disciplined, Reddit might not be the place for you. If you get distracted, you will lose hours without even noticing it. Reddit is like a drug for procrastinators, as we said, visit it at your own risk.

Facebook Groups For WordPress Help, Questions, And Answers


Facebook WordPress Groups

Facebook is still the biggest social network, and it is going to stay that way for a while, at least it seems so. And yes, you can use it for smart purposes too, not just to kill time. There are plenty of WordPress groups you can find for various skill levels. We suggest you search on your own. Just check if the group is active first before requesting to join, so you don’t have to wait for answers.

There are groups for specific WordPress topics, such as Managed WordPress hosting and WordPress plugins, but you can also try general searches, based on your experience level. Here is an example of a group with more than 30k users, intended for advanced WordPress users. https://www.facebook.com/groups/advancedwp/

If you are a newcomer, see this group dedicated to WordPress beginners https://www.facebook.com/groups/wpbeginnershelp/

And if you are right in between, check out this group for intermediate WordPress users. https://www.facebook.com/groups/IntermediateWordPress/.

You can also find groups on narrower topics, for example for front-end WordPress development, web designers, WordPress speed-up, dedicated hosting, online store, SEO blog… Anything related to WordPress probably has a dedicated Facebook group already, maybe even in your local language, so try searching on your own.


WordPress Speed Help Facebook Group

If you are looking to speed up your WordPress site you can check this grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/wordpressspeedup/
They have in-depth WordPress speed guides and tutorials. Furthermore, you can ask questions if you get stuck and learn more about WordPress speed. You can also learn how to make your website load fast with our WordPress speed guide🚀.


wpcrafter facebook wp help group

Another useful group we would recommend is “WordPress For Non-Techies, Your Questions Answered” by WP Crafter. https://www.facebook.com/groups/wpcrafter/

He has a YouTube channel full of WordPress video tutorials that will guide you step by step through some common issues. There you can also ask any questions you might have regarding your WordPress website.

Facebook WP Support groups rules

Just make sure you follow the rules of internet ethics whenever you ask anything online:
Do a Google search before you ask anything. More likely than not the same question was asked (a hundred times) before.

facebook groups questions
Never spam – ask your question, and wait for the answer. Yes, we know it always seems like it’s urgent, but spamming will only get you banned.

Be polite – this is becoming more and more rare. Too many people are just rude online, even without you contributing to that negativity. Be polite, and be civil, you will make the Internet a much better place, and it will also help you get your WordPress answer faster.

group rules

Also, don’t forget to read Facebook group rules and follow them. Otherwise, you may risk getting banned from it.


WordPress Beginners Resources

WP Kube

WpKube is an excellent WordPress blog. These guys really mean business, and they provide terrific tutorials and guides for all skill levels.

On their website, you will find everything from WordPress news, to tips and tricks, product and plugin reviews, WordPress security and theme guides… They do their best to explain even the most complex problems in a simple language.

You will definitely find quality information on the WP Kube website. Just check out their WordPress resources beginner’s guide. Excellent!

iThemes Tutorials – WordPress Support Forums

WordPress Tutorials

We love iThemes plugins. We’ve mentioned their BackupBuddy plugin in our Best Backup Plugins article. Also, we have already mentioned the iThemes Security plugin twice, in the Best Security Plugins and in the Best WordPress plugins article. And now, here is iThemes again.

But this time we are including them in our list because of their impressive WordPress tutorial section you can find on their websiteThere, you will find a bunch of terrific video tutorials that will guide you through various aspects of WordPress, step by step. Again, if you are more of a visual type, and are finding WordPress TV lacking, iThemes tutorials page is for you.



BobWp is both a WordPress blog and a podcast that mostly focuses on WooCommerce and monetization of your WordPress websites. You will read and hear a lot of useful advice that will help you make some more money from your online business. The blog is not too flashy, but it offers solid advice, and that is all that is important. BobWP is the right place to be if you intend to run a profitable online blog or a web store.

However, if you happen to get stuck and the issue is serious, it is probably a better idea to look for professional help immediately, than to lose customers while your store is down. Contact FixRunner. We have a dedicated team of WooCommerce experts that will put your store back online in the shortest time possible, improving and optimizing the performance of your store.

Stack Exchange – Get Advanced WordPress Development Help

WordPress development help

For those of you who are advanced WordPress administrators and developers, Stack Exchange is the place to be. You can ask the most challenging questions on Stack Exchange. More likely than not, someone will have the right answer, mainly because WordPress is so widespread.

Now, the site is a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get accustomed to the interface, you will feel right at home. The best answers and questions are upvoted, so make sure you search the site a little before asking the question; somebody else probably had the same problem before, you’re not that unique😄.

HostingFacts To Learn More About WordPress Hosting

Best WordPress Hosting - HostingFacts

Hosting is the backbone of every website. It is essential to do your homework prior to signing with a hosting company. Never go with the price-first approach unless it is absolutely necessary. We have an article talking about best WordPress hosting companies, and you should definitely read it through before deciding.

Still, if you want check out other hosting companies that we didn’t mention, visit HostingFacts. It is an excellent website that does reviews and real-time testing on dozens of hosting companies. That will give you more than enough information you need when choosing a web host for your site.

Online WordPress Courses – WordPress Support Forums

WordPress courses online

If you are willing to learn WordPress, and not just solve problems along the way, online courses are a good option. On websites like Udemy, SkillShare, and Lynda you can find many WordPress courses for all skill levels.

But you can look beyond course marketplaces. There are popular solutions like Treehouse that focus on development courses. Moreover, if you are interested in learning to code, Codecademy is an excellent choice for doing it free. Lastly, we will mention WP101, one of the oldest names in the WordPress course development space that is still going strong.

List Of Online Courses & Academies You Can Learn From:


Just be careful. Although learning how to code and manage your own website is a great skill to have, trying out things on your own, on a live company website is not a good idea. It is always best to leave the site management to the pros. You don’t want to ruin your website playing around.

While learning, you should run your tests on a development server, and only work on your live server when you are sure of what you’re doing.

WP College Free WordPress Help

WordPress Blog

If you are looking for free WordPress help for beginners you can always read our WordPress tutorials and learn how to fix issues by yourself. We have a list of common WordPress errors and issues and step by step guides on how to fix them. Also, you can check other useful resources, plugins for WordPress, themes and product reviews that can be useful for your WordPress sites and business.

WordPress Blog by WP Beginner


WPBeginner is a highly popular WordPress blog. You are probably familiar with it, as it is the biggest WP knowledge base out there. Just try searching for anything related to WordPress, and more likely than not, WP Beginner will have a good answer for you. These guys really try to bring the best content and offer everything from product reviews and WordPress advice, to step by step guides. We recommend you to check the blog, you will not regret it.

They have in-depth guides and resources for almost everything related to WordPress. You can also ask questions in the comments and their WPBeginner Support will likely answer them.

wpbeginner support


Conclusion – WordPress Support Forums

That was our list of the best WordPress support forums and resources to learn this CMS. We have tried to cover everything, from official documentation to blogs, forums, and video tutorials. Finding help for WordPress is not difficult. If you are dedicated and willing to try a thing or two yourself, you can get all your problems fixed, even for free.

However, that is not always possible. Sometimes a problem is too complicated for your level of knowledge, and sometimes you just don’t have time. That is why you should contact FixRunner, whenever you hit a wall. Feel free to call our WordPress support number. We will solve any WordPress issue in the shortest time possible, saving your time, and nerves. We hope we answered any questions you had about WP forums. If not, please post them in the comments below.

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