How to Replace an Image in WordPress

Once you have placed an image into a post and published them both, you might want to change the picture. WordPress allows for fast replacement of images to make those changes quickly. Watch the video to learn how to replace an image in WordPress.

Steps to replace an image in WordPress

If you would prefer to read the steps, here’s how to replace an image in WordPress.

First, open the post or page containing the image and click on the image. Next, click the edit icon (a pencil).

Under the image, click the Replace button. If you want to upload a replacement image, switch to the “Upload Files” tab and do that. Otherwise, simple click on the replacement image on your Media Library.

Set your alt text and other parameters as needed and click Replace Image, and that’s it.

Remember to update your post to save the replacement action you just took.

WordPress Fact

Did you know that you can replace your images in the image editor with one from your desktop or media library? It’s so easy to do that you might want to try out a few different ones to see how they look before setting the updated images to go live on the web. Simply choose to Preview your image first. Remember that you can change the size of the new image as well – play around with different styles to see what looks best!

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