Top 5 Sites for WordPress Themes

Top 5 WordPress theme sites

The theme you select for your WordPress site is one of the biggest design and functionality decisions you will make for your website. Picking the right theme and making the ideal modifications to customize can be enlightening and quite interesting! suggests 5 great WordPress theme sites for finding the perfect theme for your website.

Our Selection – 5 Best WordPress Theme Sites


Themeforest is the biggest and arguably one of the best known WordPress theme sites for buying and selling WordPress themes. The price ranges are generally from $5 to $40, making them very affordable. The themes featured range in price according to the number of complex features they contain, their design quality and how popular the theme is to download. An additional bonus of this site is the great community of web designers and developers.

Elegant Themes

As another popular WordPress theme site, Elegant Themes features many themes that are of excellent quality. The site has a great reputation for selling themes that are rich in tools and offer an impressive range of functionality as well as being simple to change, customize and use.


WooThemes gets the seal of approval because of its selection of new and trailblazing WordPress themes plus superior customer support. If you are looking for a theme that is a bit edgy and different, this is the place to start. WooThemes releases new themes every month and gives the option for one-off purchases or access to unlimited themes through a subscription.


Founded in 2008, WPZoom is a site for premium WordPress themes. They are very affordable and come accompanied by lifetime support, should you ever need any assistance for your theme in the future. WPZoom doesn’t offer as many themes as other sites, but it is very cheap to become a member and access them all on an unlimited basis.


StudioPress simply had to make our list of top WordPress theme sites. Beside selling very professionally designed WordPress themes at a very reasonable price,  StudioPress is renowned for offering the Genesis Framework, which is a customization and WordPress website building tool. This tool, along with all themes, can either be purchase individually or in bulk for a fixed fee.