Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins: Increase Your Conversions

Best WordPress landing page plugins

If you run an online business, you probably know the importance of generating leads. Landing pages designed with WordPress plugins (free or paid) are a great tool to do that.

A well-designed WordPress landing page can do wonders for promoting your products, services, and company as a whole. If you do a good job creating it, you will have more and more people in your email list, which you will use to grow your business further.

To introduce you to the world of landing pages and plugins for designing them, we have created this article. We will explain what landing pages are, why you should use them, go through different types of landing pages, and lastly give you several good picks for the best WordPress landing page plugins for your website. Stay tuned.


What Are Landing Pages?

A landing page is a part of your website specifically designed to motivate visitors into taking action. That is usually something like subscribing to your newsletter.

What makes landing pages different from other pages on your site is that they are stand-alone, and they don’t show in the menus and hierarchy of your site. The only way to reach them is directly through search engine traffic, or through a link.

Essentially, they only contain the minimal needed information and a direct call to action, making them an excellent tool for increasing your sales or adding people to your mailing lists. WordPress landing pages are a must-have for sites that sell products or offer services.

Landing pages will enormously increase your conversion rates. Research shows that it can boost them up to 25%, which is tremendous. Also, since landing pages are not that difficult to set up (with a proper WordPress landing page plugin), they are an opportunity you can’t miss.

They are very flexible and go hand in hand with other advertising methods, such as Google AdWords and discounts.

Different Types of Landing Pages and Their Advantages

Generally speaking, there are three types of landing pages:

Click through

The whole purpose of this kind of landing page is to make visitors click on a link that will lead them to a different page. That gets them closer to the final sale. Click-through landing pages are perfect for eCommerce businesses.

For example, you can use the landing page to explain the benefits your product has, making customers click through the final store page.

Lead generation

This is a less aggressive type of landing page. Instead of directly converting visitors to customers, lead generation landing pages encourage people to share their contact information, usually email.

That way you will not sell anything to them, at least not at this point. Instead, you will have their contact information, which will allow you to send them your offers regularly. Usually, you need to offer something for free in return, to get that valuable contact information.

Coming soon page

While this is not exactly a landing page, as it is not intended to convert into sales, most landing page plugins can be used for creating coming soon pages.

These are there to let your visitors know that something is in the process, or that your website is under maintenance.  However, as coming soon pages also try to get contact info, they are worth mentioning.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Landing Page Plugin?

If you plan to run an inbound advertising campaign, you should create a landing page for it. Landing pages get you more qualified leads that eventually lead to better conversions.

WordPress is all about plugins. They let you do and create awesome things without coding, making them a viable option for people who are not that technically inclined.

We have already done a bunch of articles talking about the best plugins for different purposes. And of course, there are also WordPress plugins (free and premium) that let you create landing pages that convert.

How to Choose a WordPress Landing Page Plugin?

There are several things you should look for when browsing for a landing page plugin:


You want to get a plugin that will let you create different types of landing pages. However, you also want it to blend in with your current WordPress theme seamlessly.


Your plugin should make designing a landing page effortless. That means it should have various templates you can use, as well as a drag-and-drop builder. Everything should be accomplished without entering a single line of code.

Testing options

You want your plugin to offer you an easy way to compare different landing pages you create.


This is critical. Your site and pages are more likely to be viewed from a mobile device, than from a computer, as nowadays that is the way things go on the Internet. Your landing page plugin needs to be 100% mobile-friendly and responsive.


Our budget is the main limiting factor. There are free WordPress landing page solutions that can help even if you are broke. However, because landing pages are such a great conversion tool, they are a great investment, and you should not hesitate to spend your money on getting the best WordPress landing page plugin you can afford. In this article, we will provide you with different options for any budget size.

14 Top WordPress Landing Page Plugins Compared

Here are some of the best free and premium plugins to help you build your WordPress landing page.

1. LeadPages Plugin for Creating WordPress Landing Pages


LeadPages is a platform for creating terrific WordPress landing pages. It is a complete solution that consists of several different tools. Those are LeadPages, LeadBoxes, LeadDigits, TemplateImporter, Analytics, and an A/B Testing environment.

Additionally, LeadPages is a front-end editor, which is great, as it allows you to quickly make changes without double-checking how they look to your visitors. It also has more than 150 templates that will help you and give you ideas for your unique page. Everything can be arranged through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

This is a very powerful plugin that lets you generate leads from social media, emails, and text messages. With LeadBoxes, you can even convert other pages on your site into lead-generating pages. They are essentially pop-up boxes that create forms for capturing leads.

With LeadDigits, you can allow your visitors to opt-in to your mailing lists with a text message. Moreover, the A/B testing allows you to compare different options you created, picking the one that is the most effective.

As you can see, LeadPages is an all-in-one landing page creator. However, all this functionality comes at a hefty price, as it is very expensive. The standard package starts at $27/month for a single site license. If you can afford it, you will not regret your decision, as it is one of the best plugins for creating landing pages out there.

2. OptimizePress


OptimizePress is an excellent all-in-one solution, as it is not only a landing page plugin but also a theme and a membership plugin. Membership plugins are a great way of increasing your cash flow, and we have done a separate article about them.

OptimizePress lets you create beautiful landing pages without any technical skill, just by drag-and-drop. Still, that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to fine-tune your page, on the contrary. The advanced editor lets you change everything to your liking, making a unique experience for your visitors and potential customers.

The plugin has plenty of templates, and you can always get more on the Optimize Marketplace. There are plenty of different elements you can add to create landing and sales pages but also webinar registration pages. You can try out different options through A/B testing. The plugin works well with other email marketing tools and has more than 50 app integrations with other popular services.

Again, OptimizePress offers a lot, but you will have to pay a lot too, and it is indeed not for people with a tight budget. But is it worth the money? Yes, it is.

3. Beaver Builderbeaver builder

Beaver Builder is more than just a landing page builder plugin, but it can do that just fine. This is a complete drag-and-drop page builder, and it lets you create everything on your site without coding. If you already use the Beaver Builder theme, which is one of the most popular WordPress themes out there, then this plugin should be an automatic choice. But it is also compatible with other themes as well.

The plugin is very easy to use, and it has dozens of templates to get you started. You can edit everything front-end, in real-time, which is always a plus. Everything you create will be mobile-friendly and responsive no matter the screen size. Also, the pages you create will be very fast and SEO-friendly, ready to be translated into multiple languages.

What is also great about Beaver Builder is that it has a free version. Yes, it has limitations, but for those of you who are on an extra-tight budget, Beaver Builder is worth trying. Additionally, the premium version of it, although expensive at first glance, can be used on an unlimited number of domains, making it very cost-efficient.

4. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a page builder that comes with 250+ templates that are grouped up, making it easy for you to create an entire sales funnel effortlessly – from the landing page to the confirmation page, all the way to the thank you page. You can find these page “bundles” put into premade categories, for example, webinars or podcasts. All that makes the process of creating pages much faster and super comfortable.

All layouts are full–width and compatible with every theme. Everything you create will work fast and look great. Also, if you are a more advanced user, you can edit every element on your pages using shortcodes. But you will be able to create fantastic pages even without that, using their drag and drop builder.

Thrive Architect also has an add-on plugin, called Thrive Optimize. Its primary purpose is A/B testing, and it allows you to directly compare different versions of your landing pages, deciding what will work best. You can also use the Thrive Lightbox or the Thrive Content Builder, both of which can boost your marketing campaigns.

Thrive Architect is a premium plugin. It will cost you, but since it is a complete page builder and not just a landing page plugin, it is a good value for your money.

5. Qards – WordPress Landing Page Plugin


Qards, as you guessed by the name, is a card-structured WordPress landing page builder. It has a unique intuitive design based on cards that you put on a canvas, creating your page. A great front-end editor lets you customize each card you add to your liking. What’s great about this plugin is that it is compatible with almost any theme.

What’s more, it’s extremely user-friendly and self-explanatory, and you won’t have any complications using it. There are numerous cards to choose from, and you will most likely find exactly what your page needs, which will require minimal editing. Everything you create using Qards is going to be fully responsive, on all devices.

What’s not so great about Qards is that it doesn’t have A/B testing; instead, you have to use Google Analytics to set that up. And more integrations with other popular services would be nice. Still, this plugin is unique, and the card system is what makes it so special. Also, since there are no monthly fees, it is an excellent one-time investment.

6. WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress Landing Pages

In need of a free WordPress landing page? Here is WordPress Landing Pages, a great plugin, for those who are on a tight budget. It lacks many advanced capabilities, such as A/B testing, but for a free plugin, it works reasonably well.

What’s great about this plugin is that it perfectly integrates with other plugins made by Inbound Now, such as WordPress Calls To Action, and WordPress Leads. All are free, but when combined, they will work as a complete lead-capturing solution. It has a good number of templates that you can customize to your liking.

Again, WordPress Landing Pages is free, and for that reason, you should try it and see if it does the job for you. It has some premium add-ons that extend its functionality, but in our opinion, it is better to pick another premium option from the list, than it is to upgrade WordPress Landing Pages with premium add-ons.

7. Elementor – WordPress Landing Page Plugin


Essentially, Elementor is free. However, you are more likely than not to purchase some of its paid add-ons. Nevertheless, it is a terrific WordPress landing page plugin, neck, and neck with some other premium plugins on this list.

It is very fast (unlike WordPress Landing Pages mentioned above), and very easy to use. It has a bunch of templates and widgets, and everything you create is ready for mobile devices, making it fully responsive. You can completely customize the layout, add animations, box shadows, background overlays, gradients, and more, picking from a bunch of templates.

What’s incredible is that the Elementor lets you create true landing pages, from a blank canvas without any header and footer, even if your theme doesn’t support that.

Elementor has one major disadvantage – no A/B testing, but you can work around this, and get a third-party free plugin. The affordable PRO version of Elementor extends the capabilities with Opt-in forms and Pricing Tables, but the free version will get you started quite nicely. Try it.

8. InstaBuilder


If you are looking for a plugin that has many templates, InstaBuilder is the option for you. It has a library of more than 100 landing page templates for different purposes – sales pages, download pages, webinars, coming soon pages, launch pages, and of course, landing pages.

The drag & drop builder requires no coding, and the plugin has a great number of icons, graphics, and images you can use to create your page, but you can also add your own. It also supports split testing, which will allow you to choose the best version of your page.

There are even advanced analytics that will give you info about how well your landing pages are converting. InstaBuilder has some advanced tools such as time-delaying content, redirect options, opt-in firewalls, and building mailing lists.

InstaBuilder isn’t a free WordPress landing page plugin, but with this many features, it is well worth buying, especially considering that you purchase it only one time, without any recurring fees.

9. Divi Builder

Divi Builder - WordPress landing page plugin

Divi is our favorite site builder, and FixRunner provides dedicated support for the Divi Theme. Elegant Themes, amazing developers behind the Divi plugin have decided to treat us by introducing the Divi Builder, as a standalone plugin aimed towards building pages. It is also remarkable for creating landing pages too.

What’s great about it is that you can use it with other WordPress themes, not just Divi. Divi is very advanced, and it will allow you to customize everything, and with it, you will create beautiful-looking pages. It has 46 content modules, for example, “Button,” “Comments,” “Email Opt-in,” and you can drag & drop them to create any kind of page you like.

You can fully customize each element you select through the advanced design settings. Also, if you are an advanced user, you can expand the features even further through custom CSS.

Divi is genuinely one of a kind. We would recommend you to use the Divi Theme, but even if you don’t, Divi Builder is an excellent tool for creating beautiful looking and fully functional, and responsive themes. It is premium, but it is worth every single cent.

10. Coming Soon Pro

Coming Soon Pro - Seed Pro

While you might not think about “coming soon” and “maintenance mode” pages as landing pages, that is exactly what they are. They display a message, and they try to collect leads with a call to action, to engage visitors to interact with the service behind the site while it is in the making or under maintenance.

With Coming Soon Pro, you can add social media links, and a countdown timer with an auto-launch option, to create hype before your site goes live. Additionally, you can set up “coming soon” just for specific pages, not your whole website. This is great if you want to launch a new course, or to create buzz before a new video.

There are a lot of pre-designed options that will let you create your page in minutes. However, if you want, you can customize everything through code. Coming Soon Pro also integrates with popular marketing services like MailChimp.

Coming Soon Pro has a limited free option, but it also has very flexible pricing, with plans for every pocket. It is worth checking out.

11. Ultimate Landing Page

Ultimate Landing Page

Ultimate Landing Page is another free WordPress solution that does the job if your goal is to create a simple landing page or a coming soon page, but even sales pages. You can choose from various customizable templates, and edit them through the page builder.

It’s great that it has split testing too, something that you can rarely see in free landing page WordPress plugins. Furthermore, it has integrations with popular services like MailChimp, Contact Form 7, but also SEO capabilities. Templates are responsive and will fit every screen size, and this plugin supports over 250 Google fonts.

There is also a Premium version that unlocks even more options (such as all templates, Google Analytics, and more), but the free version is quite OK if you are not looking for anything too complicated.

12. WP PROCount

WP PROCounter

WP PROCount is a countdown timer page builder you can get on the CodeCanyon market. Although its primary purpose is building coming soon pages, you can build any kind of landing page with it.

Everything you make with this plugin will look very clean, and more importantly, it will be mobile-friendly and optimized for every screen size. Also, it will seamlessly work with any WordPress theme you have installed. It runs alongside your theme, allowing the admin to edit the landing page while everybody else can see it, with no downtime.

The central feature it has is the countdown clock, which will tell your audience exactly how much time is left until the offer expires, or the event starts. It has MailChimp integrated which will pick up the email addresses of your visitors.

WP PROCount is an elegant solution. It is premium, but very affordable, and it gets the job done.

13. WP Profit Builder

WP Profit Builder - WordPress landing page plugins

As the name suggests, WP Profit Builder is geared towards increasing your profits through building excellent-looking landing pages. This drag & drop page builder has more than 130 templates for every purpose, all mobile-friendly. It is straightforward to use, and you will get your landing page up and running very quickly.

WP Profit Builder also supports A/B testing, so you can compare different looks of your landing pages, picking what’s best. With this plugin, you can build any landing page, like sales pages, opt-in forms, webinar pages, coming soon pages, etc.

The plugin works with any theme, and it will seamlessly integrate, without you changing anything, and it is blazing fast. It also has integrations with plenty of other popular services.

WP Profit Builder is a premium service, but you can hardly expect a plugin this polished to be free. It will definitely improve your conversions, so it is a very good investment to make.

14. WPBakery


WP Bakery, formerly well-known as Visual Composer, is one of the most popular website builders for WordPress. This builder powers more than two million websites. It is packed with features, and it lets you build any kind of page, landing pages included.

What’s great about this tool is that it is effortless to use, yet very powerful. It has both a backend and a frontend editor, which is very nice. There are many predefined layouts you can edit, and everything you add to your pages comes from 50+ predefined elements (such as Text, Image, Form, and similar).

The content you create with this plugin is going to be SEO-friendly and well optimized for mobile devices. Also, because it is this popular, WP Bakery has been tested thousands of times, and you can expect it to work with all WordPress themes without any stutters.

For a builder with this many features, WPBakery is exceptionally cheap, especially considering you only need to purchase it once, without any recurring fees, and you get lifelong support.

Conclusion – WordPress Landing Page Plugins

There you have it, our top pick for the best WordPress landing page plugins. Some are free, others are premium tools. As you can see, there is a lot of fish in the sea, which is good, since it means you can get a lot for your money, if you do your research.

If your site sells products or offers services, you will need landing pages for those, we all know how important building an email list is. These 15 free and paid WordPress landing page plugins will help you with that, making your marketing campaigns convert.

Of course, if you start experiencing issues with your site at any point, don’t hesitate to contact FixRunner. We are a dedicated team of WordPress professionals, willing to help, and we will debug your website in no time at all.

Also, if you are willing to find out more on your own, we advise you to read our blog, WP College. There you will find lots of useful information regarding WordPress, including different plugin suggestions, but also fixes to common WordPress errors.

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